How To Get An Online PMP Training Certification

Getting a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification can help you get recognized globally for your management skills. Even if you have one of the best online business degrees, the certification is one of the most sought after title in the project management industry. If you are working full time and do not have the time to get a certification from an institute, you can always get it online. It saves you time and you can take courses at your place of comfort. This article will be a helpful read for all the aspiring project managers seeking how to get an online PMP training certification.

Check Off The Prerequisites

Getting a PMP training certificate online requires you to have ample project management experience beforehand. This is because being a project manager means dealing with your clients in the most professional manner. There are two basic requirements – experience and education. Therefore, PMP certification requires you have interpersonal and theoretical knowledge before you make an application. Each certification has its own set of prerequisites. First select your desired certification program and consult its guidebook to know more about its PMP certification requirements.

Make An Online Application

Once you have met all prerequisites for online PMP Training certification, you can fill out an online application through PMI website. The application can be time-consuming since you are asked to fill in comprehensive information about your work and education experiences in project management. Apart from these, there are other basic sections like detailing your personal information, etc. Online application is not the only means to apply. You can also download a paper application or ask your PMP trainer to apply on your behalf. The paper application takes the longest to reach you out for a confirmation.

Prepare A Study Guide And Get Trained For Certification

Before you receive a certification declaring your expertise as a PMP, it is necessary and a prerequisite to have some training. To get trained, make a study guide that helps you easily navigate through the courses. In this study guide, you can think about allocating specific duration to each topic of study, the learning costs, and the best training method for you. You can get online training where you learn from pre-recorded videos. Alternatively, you can either register for virtual classes that provide PMP training or find physical training locations.

Schedule And Take The PMP Exam

Getting a certification in such an exalted field of study is definitely not easy. You can schedule for the exam through the PMI website or with a  small business management course. You can choose between paper-based and computer-based exams. However, the test is administered only at certain test centers. You cannot take it at home. At the test center, there will be a tutorial before you start the exam to help you familiarize with the process. The test is four hours long. There are about 200 questions, a mix of multiple-choice and unscored questions. You must get 137 correct.

Receiving And Renewing PMP Certification

Within the next 6-8 weeks of your examination, you will receive your certification. After this point, you can proudly claim to be a successful PMP. The certification requires renewal every 3 years. This means you need to acquire what are called the Professional Development Units (PDUs). For PMP renewal, you need 60 PDUs per 3 year cycle. You can submit your acquired PDUs on the PMI website. Pay the renewal fee and you are set to receive a renewed PMP certification.

Although it an arduous process to claim an online PMP training certification, it is worth your while and can have a major impact on your management style. It is one of the most desired titles in project management. Get your requirements for the exam in order. Once you have done that, make an online application. As you are waiting for a confirmation, start preparing a study guide and train yourself enough for the exam. Do not forget to renew your PMP certification every 3 years.

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