Why Is Finding The Perfect Company Name A Tricky Business?

You have between one tenth of a second and seven seconds to make a good first impression, and this applies to business as much as it does to your personal appearance. For this reason, business owners take their time learning how to register a brand name from start to finish. They start with determining the best name.

For many customers, the first time they encounter your business will be in the form of your logo. This is why finding the right name should be considered the very first step in branding. Good company names strike a chord in an audience’s mind. Great ones go further, making an emotional impact. The one thing that all good company names have is that they ‘stick’ in your mind. Naming is a tricky art that many companies do not get right on their first try. So, how can you choose a name that will stand the test of time and appeal to your audience in the long term?

Should You Go Professional?

You should spend at least a few weeks thinking up a name that is short and dynamic. Your chosen name should also captures the ethos of your brand. Sometimes, this process is dreamed up by creators – as is the case with Facebook, for instance – a simple combination of words that effectively captures the nature of the service offered. However, as stated by NameStormers, finding the perfect word or set of words to fulfill so many purposes can be tough.

Moreover, there are many more considerations to be taken into account than mere appeal factor. In the same way that companies put great effort into graphic design, logo design, fonts, colors, etc., selecting the right name for a company is just as meritorious of time and investment. Your website, font choice, and social media content may change and adapt to the times, but your name should ideally last throughout the life of your business.

Word Skills Are A Talent

Marketers who name business for a living have a combination of two crucial factors: training and talent. Really great business names often appeal to the emotions, but they can contain puns and word plays that make a name memorable. Good company names include words that give consumers insight into what they offer as well. If you own a footwear business, you do not want to register a name that screams “Food!”. You need one that tells consumers that you sell footwear. This ability to play with words is difficult to come by. However, when you chance upon it, it can have an incredibly powerful effect.

Telling Your Story

If one ethos has dominated branding, websites, and social media in the new millennium, it is that of storytelling. Marketers the world over are seeking to connect with customers by sharing stories. These stories can consist either of the company’s history and values, or of clients whose lives have been enhanced through the company’s services. Your name should ideally tell a story as well.

Google, one of the most instantly recognizable names in the globe, has a fascinating story to tell. Its name began as a joke regarding the amount of information the search engine could provide (A googol is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros). The name describes the service, but also taps into the founders’ ambition and wish to make a positive difference. The name Lego (a shortened version of the Dutch words ‘leg godt’ – which mean ‘play well’) connects to the child within all consumers and speaks of the utility that play has for children’s development.

Operating Legally

Another tricky aspect of naming a business, are the legal requirements involved. In order to register brand name, you need to adhere to the specifications your state requires. You may chance upon a fantastic name that you are unable to use because it has already been trademarked. Your name might also potentially infringe upon copyright. If, for instance, a company has copyright on a specific expression or slogan, then you cannot use this slogan in your name. You should also avoid using names that are too similar to existing business names, because you could be accused of trademark infringement.

To play on the safe side, your name should be as original as possible. Of course, the issue goes beyond legality. You ideally want to be the very best in your industry, which is difficult if your name isn’t original. If you have narrowed down your list of names, see how common each is through Internet searches, and dream up something completely new if saturation is a problem.

Deciding on a business name is one of the most important steps you will be taking when you start a company. The name not only needs to sound good and connect with an audience. Your name should also hint at what you can offer while also reflecting your values. Once you overcome this first hurdle, you will need to ensure that there are no legal problems standing in your way. Despite all the work involved, finding an engaging name that resonates with your audience will set you up for success. A great company name can enable you to attract new customers within your target demographic.

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