Easy Perks That Incentivize Employees To Become More Productive

At the end of the day, the more productive your employees are, the better your business will do. And the better your business does, the easier it will be for you to continue to employ those who count on their jobs. Of course, many times, you might find that you need a little more incentive than that to get your employees to be a little more productive. When it comes to motivating your employees, think outside the box.

Provide Ice Cold Water

Whether it would be placed in the break room or along the wall in the main office area, you will want to consider having an office water cooler that provides fresh cold water. Not only does this provide your employees with something free to drink, but water helps keeps people alert and on their toes. You can provide disposable paper or plastic cups that they can use whenever they need more water, or encourage them to use their own refillable cups in order to cut down on waste.

Hold Competitions

There are a lot of different competitions that can get your employees motivated. Just make sure that you are providing fun prizes for those who win. For the weekly or monthly competitions, you might have a prize of a company water bottle. Not only will the water bottle server as creative advertising your company, but it can help encourage them to use the water cooler in the office more often.

Have A Food Day

This is something that you can do as often as you like, such as once a month. It’s something that everyone can participate in by bringing in one of their favorite dishes, cookies, drinks, or even just by bringing the paper plates for everyone to use. A monthly food day is something that everyone can look forward to and it will give them a day to relax a little. While you might still want some work to be done, you can allow them to be a little less busy, knowing that they’ll be motivated to work hard the rest of the month.

Spruce Up The Break Room

Too many company owners will make the mistake of thinking that the break room needs nothing more than the bare minimum for their employees. However, if you can provide them with a fantastic break room that helps keep them energized and feeling appreciated, they are more likely to do a much better job for you. Also, they’ll be more likely to stick with your company longer instead of looking elsewhere, simply because your break room cannot be beat. Some of the things you might want to add include a variety of vending machines, a few wall-mounted televisions, a couple of refrigerators and microwaves for a great business lunch. You can add a specialty coffee machine too. With some nice beneficial caffeine throughout the day, you will find that your employees are able to easily stay alert and productive.

As you can start to see, there are many things you can do to help your employee’s remain productive. If you want more insight as to what they’ll really like the most, don’t be afraid to ask them. Send out some surveys or simply ask for some examples of what they’d like to see around the office more often. You might be surprised at how easy their requests are to fulfill.

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