The Most Popular eCommerce Trends Sellers Need To Watch

The rise in online trade has been evident in recent years, and all companies are focusing their efforts on enhancing the experience of their customers. However, to achieve this, it’s crucial to keep up with trends for sales growth. The following are e-commerce trends every business should keep up with.

Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers can be a useful marketing investment for any online venture. It involves identifying well-known personalities in the industry and asking them to endorse your brand on their social media platforms. Recent research has found that brands promoted by influencers with highly engaged followers tend to have increased sales, traffic, and awareness. Some celebrities charge as much as 1 million dollars per post. Newly introduced brands can leverage this trend and work with several marketing influencers that align with their customers. However, a brand doesn’t have to choose a celeb to promote its product line; instead, their relevance is what matters, and not status.

In-Store Pick Up

A business with a physical location should consider maintaining its both in-store and online experience to gain a competitive edge in the industry. Businesses with mortar-and-brick locations should consider offering their customers omnichannel options such as an in-store pickup. That can help drive more traffic to a store and help save on the shipping cost. Physical stores also allow consumers to interact with brands directly and entrepreneurs to connect with their target audience. However, an online enterprise should ensure that its workers and aesthetics represent their brand accurately.

Video Marketing

It is another useful marketing tool that uses informative and concise clips to attract customers and promote brands. Online marketers can integrate video clips into their social networking platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Instagram and Snapchat story videos are the top advertising trends today. If you can create an animated video with a compelling message, these platforms are an excellent way to reach customers because that’s where most people are spending their browsing time. Over time, social media platforms and e-commerce channels such as Snapchat and Instagram have become today’s top modern catalogs.

Chatbot Automation

Artificial intelligence is impacting online marketing in many ways ranging from voice search to chatbots. Integrating AI and machine learning technologies in marketing strategies can help keep a brand relevant. Nowadays, consumers expect a prompt response to any of their concern or question, and since enterprise magento can’t answer everyone, chatbots are an excellent option. Advances in AI technology will soon aid in customer support and help extend their customer purchases and make it easier for brands to reach their target audience on their site via configurable actions and rules. More and more online traders will use machine learning technology to identify how a target audience is shopping on a website. Small business owners should not feel afraid to invest in AI and machine learning technologies as their returns are worthwhile.

Relying On Amazon Sales

While many ecommerce retailers are focused on growing their primary website, many sellers will continue to rely heavily on their Amazon sales for the primary source of income. In addition to several online bidding tools and Amazon repricing software, ecommerce businesses are investing in Amazon optimization. This allows their products to come up in product searches. When combined with a sponsored product campaign, the margins are significant to sellers. We will continue to watch retailers compete and optimize to stay on top of the world’s largest ecommerce platform.

Mobile Optimization

With accessibility and convenience being priorities for online shoppers, most consumers prefer to make purchases with their mobile devices. As such, online traders might need to make their mobile sites easy to navigate to increase their sales. Of course, every brand wants to gain greater user experience on devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile websites should be responsive to render well on any device of potential customers. However, mobile optimization isn’t confined to just web design; instead, it covers everything ranging from optimized checkout to chat support. As such, brands might need to accept wallet payments such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay to lower abandonment and increase their conversion rate.

Social Media

It is a powerful tool for owners of e-commerce businesses. Entrepreneurs can leverage it as both a customer service tool and marketing tactic to retain and attract their customers. Whether an entrepreneur wants to explore the organic functionality of Instagram or Facebook product retargeting, the key is to recognize where their target audience meets and spend their time. You can even add search retartgeting into the mix. Brands should avoid communicating with their target audience only when they want something from them. As an entrepreneur, you might need to create an online community where your customers can connect and interact with people with similar interests and feel comfortable to order your services or products. It can be as simple as tweeting back to potential customers and posting relevant content to Instagram and encouraging consumers to ask questions through Facebook Messenger.

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