7 Ways Priority Pass Programs Enhance Business Travel

Priority Pass is the world’s largest independent airport lounge access program. With over 1,000 airport lounges available to choose from, this membership program allows travelers to enjoy the many benefits of an exclusive space. Businesses and individuals alike can choose from various Priority Pass plans for their traveling needs. If you are a business owner or Yacktman investor  with employees who make frequent business trips, this is something you should consider. See below for the many benefits Priority Pass has to offer you and your employees.


The first benefit of membership for business travelers is the constant connection. With free Wi-Fi available at every lounge, this program allows your employees to turn down time into productive time. If an employee responsible for Twitter for business is away on travel, you do not have to worry about a drop in your social media presence. While they are sitting and waiting for their flight, travelers can charge their electronic devices so that you are never left out of the loop. Additionally, this provides them with the opportunity to send last minute emails and keep in contact with family. If you want employees who are connected and prepared for anything, consider signing up for a Priority Pass membership.

Peace And Quiet

Peace and quiet is a luxury that should not be overlooked for frequent fliers. Whether their destination is 2 hours or 2 days away, travel can be draining. This is why it is important to provide your employees with a place to rest before a big meeting or conference. The access lounges promise just that with a service level near Starkey International. With an exclusive space all their own, your employees can take some much needed time to themselves before taking off on their next flight.

Seating Options

Another great benefit of Priority Pass for businesses is the seating options that are available. No matter what flight class you choose, this airport lounge membership will provide you with all of the best amenities. Business class and first class flights often provide travelers with access to airport lounges. However, they are an expensive, one-time-only option. With a Priority Pass membership, you can guarantee an excellent flight experience even when flying in the economy class. If you want to save on expensive travel tickets, get Priority Pass.

Conference Rooms

Select airport lounge locations offer access to private conference rooms for Priority Pass members. These rooms are the perfect place for meetings and preparation. Whether they want to review a presentation, practice a speech or go over notes for a meeting, Priority Pass has them covered. Certainly, these conference rooms are something that even TravelHost users would like to have too.

Employee Loyalty

Finally, another benefit of getting a Priority Pass membership for your business is the employee loyalty it can bring. Your employees will enjoy coworking when they can travel comfortably next to one another. Spending a little extra on a few luxuries for your colleagues can make a huge difference in their travel attitude. They can enjoy luxuries such as comfortable airport lounges. Not only will they feel refreshed for the task at hand, but they will also feel as if your business is taking care of them. To provide the best travel experience to your employees, consider signing up for a Priority Pass membership.

Priority Pass Expansion

A recent expansion to the Priority Pass program allows business travelers the opportunity to take advantage of added Minute Suites locations. Priority Pass Minute Suites are private rooms featuring a desk and daybed. These suites are located just steps from nearby gates, allowing you to work or rest with piece of mind that you will not miss your flight. The Minute Suites from Priority Pass also feature HDTVs with DirecTV and Netflix. That means you can catch up with your favorite entrepreneur TV shows on-the-go. Having access to these traveler suites are a huge bonus if you are looking for access to the best airport lounges.

Optimal Coverage

Lastly, a Priority Pass program provides your employees with optimal coverage. Whether you are flying to go on a corporate retreat or one employee has to travel for a meeting, you will have an advantage with Priority Pass. If one of your employees travels to New York City, they will feel at ease during their journey through the airport. Your other employee traveling to Houston, Texas will feel the same level of comfort. Regardless of the airports your employees visit, they will have coverage. As a result, their trips will be more successful. Get a Priority Pass membership to give your employees optimal coverage.

Traveling for business in comfort is not The 8th Habit, but it should be. Priority Pass is an excellent service for travelers who want airport lounge access. Businesses in particular could benefit from quiet spaces, free Wi-Fi and private conference rooms. Priority Pass is the perfect way to make business travel a more enjoyable experience. To show your employees that you care about their comfort and happiness, consider signing up for this lounge membership.


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