These Productivity Hacks Turn Free-Time Into Billable Hours

Let’s talk about your free time. What do you spend it on? If you’re not a productive worker, you’re probably facing some issues like stress, and your own workplace is probably not the best option for you. Freelancers don’t count, as they get to enjoy a work life balance with as much free time as possible. But either way, even they find ways to hack their own productivity and make stuff happen. Just like that.

Finding More Productivity

The Internet is expanding. Unless your 9 to 5 job doesn’t demand a productivity boost from you, you could at least find some ways to make that time fly by faster, and no, we are not suggesting 9GAG!

As you may already know, we are witnessing a massive expansion of online tools that help you track time, learn something new whenever you want to, or make use of your smartphone for better task organization, productivity is as hackable as ever. Use the Internet and all of its benefits to make your work shift the reason you’re waking up every morning!

Take Control of Habits

The Internet is loaded with productivity articles that suggest habits to get the best out of your every morning, as well as your workday, and believe it or not, the list of tips goes on and on. From people recommending a neat office decluttering your workspace and making it cleaner to turning off your smartphone’s WiFi and mobile data to stop wasting time on useless emails, chats, and social network feeds, it’s as simple as ever to get to those recommendations – but is it really that easy to take control over your own habits and free time?

A time management expert on Zeqr (an online learning platform) Iris Reyna gave me some additional info about her teaching methods and how people should look to improve productivity. As she suggests, “Setting your goals smartly is perfect to help you strengthen your ability to organize your time. You want to achieve it in such a way that you free yourself from negative stress, be more productive, and reach your goals much faster!” She also added that all online tools out there are great, but that each worker should get the chance to find the best solution for their needs. Some prefer Trello, some Asana, yet some people still enjoy using a pen and some paper to get all of their work done!

Don’t forget to be a human being, though. Even though your job is probably involving sitting tasks all day long, you want to energize the people around you by clearly defining your expectations and offering as much positive feedback as you can. Showing appreciation throughout your life will bring an abundance of positivity, and Gallup even made a study about it, showing that companies with engaged workers have a 21% productivity boost!

Last, but not least, you want to work out. Being physically active for at least 30 minutes each day is beneficial for your mind (and body). Whether you want to jog or hit the gym – it doesn’t matter! You’ll feel so much better after getting your body to an exhausted state after a good workout.

What are your thoughts on productivity? Are there possibilities of expanding your free time by hacking your productive periods? Let us know!

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