How To Create A Radio Advertisement That Builds Brand Awareness

Advertising a business is the best way to get new customers in the door. It also helps promote brand awareness, which is an excellent tool to establish a business that thrives for years to come. But for many small business owners, TV advertising seems just out of their budget and hence out of their reach. For those business owners, radio advertising can really be just what you need – an affordable advertising solution for small business. Find out how to create the best radio advertisement to promote your small business in the post below.

Decide What You Need

What types of radio ads will you be using for your radio advertising campaign? This is an important question to figure out before you start developing radio advertisements you hope to use. It will dictate what type of ad you will need to work on, just as the guerilla marketing definition does. It will also set the parameters for formatting your ad. There are three main types of radio advertising. These types of radio ads include live read ads, which are read in real-time by a radio personality. In addition, there are also radio sponsorships, which allow you to sponsor a certain portion of the radio program, like weather or traffic, and get your business a brief mention. Finally, the last type of radio advertisement is called a produced spot, which includes jingles and pre-recorded advertising messages about your business and its products. Decide what type of radio ad is best for your small business marketing campaigns. Then, you can get to work.

Know What Your Target Audience Likes

In order to create radio ads that attract your target demographic, you need to know what type of music they listen to. (You also need to know what is marketing segmentation in order to do this, if you do not already.) This way, you can make sure to buy airtime for radio ads on stations listened to by your target audience. Typically, music tastes, and therefore tastes in preferred radio stations, can be surmised based on the age of your customer base. But of course, there are other factors that may come into play, like economic status, location and more. For the most part, teens and young adults up to the age of 24 like top 40 radio stations with some urban and alternative thrown in. Older adults, ages 35 and up, prefer adult contemporary and oldies. Keep this in mind and make sure to choose to buy ad time on radio stations that your small business’s target audience actually listens to. That way, you can create effective radio ads as a part of your small business marketing strategies.

Grab Listeners’ Attention

The most important part of your radio ads is the beginning of each one. You will need to create an attention-grabbing intro to prevent radio listeners from turning the channel once they hear the music stop. You can do this by addressing your radio audience directly. You can also try doing this using exciting voices and loud exclamations. Regardless of how you choose to do it, make sure you prioritize the task of grabbing listener attention right at the onset of your ad. This is the only way to make sure listeners actually listen to your radio advertisement. Ultimately, that is the only way your radio advertising strategies will be effective.

Keep It Simple

Keep your radio advertisements as simple and to-the-point as possible. After all, the radio spots are just one minute, sixty seconds, at longest. You do not want to try to overload listeners with information. They will only tune your ad out. Or even worse, they will turn to a different radio station. Instead, focus on communicating on or two key product features or business benefits that customers would like to know about. This way, you create an effective radio ad that is easily remember by radio listeners. If you want to design effective radio advertising tactics for small business, like Chicago Gourmet has, keep them as simple as possible to engage all listeners.

Consider Hiring A Professional

You may want to consider hiring a professional voiceover actor for radio ads. This is the best way to make sure you create audio ads that utilize a pleasant, engaging and enjoyable voice. These voice actors do not have to be famous or cost top dollar. Instead, you can find freelancers online who are looking to build up their radio voiceover portfolio. In turn, they will record your ad for a much smaller salary. Hiring voice actors can help take any average radio ad to the next level. It will make your overall radio advertising campaign much more effective. Be sure to consider whether or not you have money in the budget to experience the benefits of hiring a voice actor for small business radio ads you design.

Small business owners can certainly benefit from radio advertising. Radio advertising for small business is a wise idea because it is affordable and still effective. Radio advertisements can enable you to reach all different ages and market demographics with a short, simple business message that does not cost you a year of development and production. Create an effective radio advertisement using the advice above. These radio advertising tips will help you create radio ads for small business that generate brand awareness and bring new bodies into your business location. Those benefits cannot be beat.

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