5 Reasons To Consider Atlanta For An Entrepreneurial Startup Move

Although it may not be the biggest city in the Deep South (Jacksonville, FL has that honor) or the most historic (that comes down to a four-way contest between Charleston in South Carolina, Georgia’s Savannah, Louisiana’s New Orleans and St. Augustine in Florida), Atlanta has several advantages for business entrepreneurs that most American cities can’t match.

Atlanta doesn’t have the same cachet for entrepreneurs as Silicon Valley, Seattle or New York City, but savvy business owners know that starting a business in any of those cities means the deck is stacked against them from the start. You are competing for location, customer needs and workers with already established and well-funded companies whose brand names stand out in the want ads.

For entrepreneurs, serious about making their company grow, Atlanta can offer just as much without the baggage of those other cities. Doing the best for your company can often mean thinking outside of the typical real estate box.

1. You can’t beat the location

Atlanta, right in the heart of the Deep South, has a complex transportation lines infrastructure. Multiple major interstates, rail lines and the busiest airport in the United States keeps this city linked with the rest of the world. The only transport hub it’s lacking is maritime transportation and the ports of Savannah, Charleston and Jacksonville are all close and connected via railways. Coca-Cola, The Home Depot and Veritiv are just a couple of the Fortune 500 companies currently headquartered in Atlanta.

2. Tech Hubs

Surprisingly, Atlanta is the home of over 13,000 tech companies. This huge pool of resources gives startups an advantage over areas that have a smaller technological base. Biotechnology, medical research and other high-tech companies call Atlanta home and have created a very technologically educated workforce that can be harvested by companies looking for such qualifications.

3. Trained Technical Workforce

A quarter of a million technical workers for local tech companies supplements their population by graduates from many universities, colleges and technical schools based in Atlanta. Several of these schools have advanced programs in technology, giving Atlanta a steady stream of talented, technical workers.

4. Financing

Every business startup needs money and Atlanta has it. The corporate home for SunTrust Banks and regional headquarters for Bank of America, Wells Fargo and numerous other financial investment companies, Atlanta has a gross domestic product of over $270 billion. Georgia also has some of the most progressive crowdfunding laws making it even easier to raise capital.

5. Cost of Living

One of the many advantages for business startups in Atlanta is the lower cost of living for employees and workers compared to companies in areas like Seattle and Los Angeles. A new business has many things to be concerned with like the ability to pay their workers a high enough wage for their living. Atlanta has yet to fall victim to inflated cost of living compared to many places in the United States.

Any real estate agent at the Northeast Atlanta Realty will state that there has been an “exciting increase in population,” driving in home sales growth. Home sales are a reliable indicator of the financial health of a city or community.

Atlanta has many positives for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business, whether it is based in retail, manufacturing or technology, the city has more to offer than most other cities in the region and across the nation. These advantages make Atlanta a hot property, right now, a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.


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