Why Paulson Investment Company Is So Successful In Business


If you do not already know, Paulson Investment Company is an investment firm focused on the small to mid-cap markets. The firm has been in operation since 1970. Recently however, this company made some changes. Paulson decided to reorganize its operations and focus on one particular type of investment. This post will detail what business owners can learn from Paulson Investment Company and the changes they have made.

More Is Not Always Better

As Paulson Investment Company has demonstrated, a company can outgrow itself. Things were going well for the firm, so the natural assumption was made that expansion of services was the best step to take. However, as their recent change has shown, more does not always mean better. It can be beneficial to stay small. Focus on perfecting current offerings and finding the best shares to buy. Yes, you may offer your clients convenience by providing more services. However, that will not matter if the quality is no longer maintained. Learn from this investment company. It may be in the best interest of your business to keep a narrow focus.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Every company makes mistakes. What separates successful companies from all the others is the ability to learn from every mistake made. Paulson Investment Company is a perfect example of this. Remind yourself of this whenever something goes awry in your business. Mistakes are excellent tools to learn from, especially when it comes to employee management. You need to make them in order to offer your clients the best services possible. Whatever goes wrong, learn from it and go one step further. Take these lessons and actually make changes. If you are able to learn from your mistakes like Paulson did, you will improve business and provide customers with the best experience possible.

Know Your Strengths

Paulson Investment Company had to be cognizant of their strengths when reorganizing and choosing an investment focus. Learn from this. Always be mindful of the strengths of your business. Know what areas are strong, and then perfect them. For an example, if you are expert at endowment funds, stick to it. Your business will be better able to succeed when you know what you do better than the competition. Awareness of your particular strengths is essential when bringing in new clients or convincing previous customers to return. Paulson knew their strengths and downsized to focus on those particular areas. They did so to improve customer experience. Keep this in mind. Know your strengths to consistently provide clients with a superior experience.

Be Good To Your Employees

Treating your employees well is crucial for employee retention and, moreover, for business performance. This is true regardless of whether a firm operates in venture capital investment or day trading. Paulson Investment Company is certainly aware of this. The top family owned investment company has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars across a variety of job review platforms. Current and former employees are quick to point out the high level of respect Paulson demonstrated for its employees. Paulson management were professional and helpful, often going above and beyond to help their employees. If you want to start an investment firm built for success, make sure to treat your employees with respect and kindness.

Be Flexible

One of the reasons Paulson is so popular with their employees is because of the flexibility they offer when it comes to work hours. Not ever employee operates to their fullest potential at the same time of day. Paulson Investment Company recognizes this and allows flexibility with employee scheduling. Their emphasis is on closing deals, regardless of when their employees get it done. That is important to many new graduates and up-and-coming finance professionals who value a good work/life balance. If you want to keep your employees happy, offer flexible scheduling like Paulson.

It Is Never Too Late

After more than forty years of operation, Paulson Investment Company took a risk and decided to reorganize. So far, it seems to be working out for them. So let this serve as a lesson for you. It is never too late to change things up. If you feel that maybe the current direction your business is headed is not the best, do not just stand by. Be proactive. The success of your business depends on it. Paulson has proved that it is never too late to make a change, just like Jupiter Asset Management. So whether you have been in operation for five years, or thirty five, do not let this factor into your decision making. Take every chance you have to improve your business, like Paulson, so that you can have the best shot at success.

While there are many examples from companies in the financial industry of what not to do, Paulson Investment Company is one case of good business practices. You do not need to have passed the CPA exam to learn from their success. Know your strengths and hone in on perfecting them so you have more to offer customers than the competition. As Paulson has demonstrated, more is not always better. So learn from your mistakes and enact real change, no matter how long you have been in business. Keep these strategies in mind and your business will outshine competitors.

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