Relationship Science Tech Startup Offers Exciting Investment Opportunity

Relationship Science is not an actual scientific field. It is actually the name of a very promising tech startup. While Relationship Science is currently privately owned, it still provides a lucrative opportunity for investors looking to support the venture through angel investment. Find out all you need to know about this new big data analytics company below.

What Is Relationship Science?

Relationship Science is the name of an information services business. The company provides a business development tool that is similar to the concept of “six degrees of separation.” This tool helps users find connections to influential people in business. The company has the names of over four million influential business people at their disposal to foster business connections with. This professional networking services business can greatly impact an entrepreneur’s business network. This makes for a promising investment opportunity, without the need for pesky stock vesting.

Who Uses Relationship Science Services?

RelSci services are aimed at financial, nonprofit, corporate legal and professional services sectors. The business development tool can help professionals in these industries grow their network in an artificial way that mimics organic, face-to-face meeting through mutual connections. Clearly, anyone in any type of business can benefit from these types of business development tools.

How Does This Service Help Business Owners?

This networking service can help business owners in any industry improve business strategy for the long haul. That makes it a lucrative investment opportunity for you. Business owners are always looking for the newest and best business development tools. You are sure to have a great ROI if this company reaches its full potential.

What Are Their Latest Developments?

RelSci’s latest developments are also incredibly promising for potential investors. Just recently, the company announced a new product to unseat Google Alerts. This new service is called, what else, Relationship Science News and Alerts. These alerts promise to help business owners stay informed in order to stay ahead of the competition, much like other research and development companies. If this new business intelligence tool is any indication, the Relationship Science professional networking startup is going to be a great one to consider for investment.

Who Owns Relationship Science?

Relationship Science LLC named Jon Robson CEO just last year. However, the company was originally founded by Neal Goldman. Goldman was previously the co-founder of Capital IQ, which was later sold to McGraw-Hill for over $200 million. Clearly, this man knows what he is doing. The company has big-weight investors backing it already, including Ronald Perelman, Kenneth Langone, Joseph Perella, Andrew Tisch and Henry Kravis. If you want to invest in one of the most lucrative tech startup opportunities, consider investing in one with great leadership, like Relationship Science.

Relationship Science is a tech startup that is revolutionizing the art of business networking. If you want to invest in one of the most promising startups since Facebook, RelSci may be just the one to pour your money into. This could be much more lucrative than trading options. Use the information about this startup mentioned above to help you make your decision. After all, you do not want to miss the boat on an excellent investment opportunity.

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