The Ultimate Restaurant Supply Checklist Before Opening

New restaurant owners create restaurant supply checklists prior to their grand openings. Unfortunately, some of those checklists lack essential items. Contrary to what some believe, restaurants need a lot more than just good food. As a new restaurant owner yourself, you want to guarantee that your business starts off on the right foot. To do so, continue reading. Below, you will find the ultimate pre-opening restaurant supply checklist.

Smoke Detectors

Firstly, consider how smoke detectors assist in creating a safe environment. All restaurant owners want to believe that disasters will not occur at their restaurant franchises. Despite this, you must prepare in case a crisis such as a fire does occur. Restaurant fires can take place for numerous reasons. Perhaps you have a top-of-the-line kitchen staff, but a towel gets caught in an open flame. Maybe your restaurant is on the fancier side. You set candles down on each table. One day, one of the candles falls over. An external fire could also strike your restaurant. There are many different scenarios. Prepare for all of them. Add smoke detectors to your restaurant supply checklist.

Security Cameras

Another item to include in your restaurant supply checklist is a security camera. Security camera technology also provides protection to both your staff and customers. They do so in various ways. For instance, imagine your restaurant gets robbed. Security cameras can potentially catch the burglar on camera. Then, you can find justice. Additionally, people are less likely to commit crimes when they know a security camera is present. More so, consider a customer gets injured by another. Your security cameras can help them find justice. In doing so, they give customers piece of mind. Check security cameras off of your restaurant supply checklist prior to opening.


Also, include proper refrigeration equipment on your restaurant supply checklist. Commercial refrigerators and freezers prevent food from spoiling. Therefore, great refrigeration keeps your food safe to eat. Furthermore, it also saves you money. This is true even though commercial refrigerators and freezers can be pricey. Moreover, the refrigerator repair services could further drive up costs. With proper refrigeration equipment, your food will remain fresh for longer. Therefore, your weekly grocery bill will be much lower. By adding refrigeration equipment to your restaurant supply checklist, you are bettering your business and your financial status.


Aprons are also necessary to add to your restaurant supply checklist. Consider the different kinds of aprons before buying. Bib aprons maintain cleanliness since they are full length. Bistro aprons come with pockets for supply storage. Dishwasher aprons keep workers dry with their waterproof material. Perhaps you need just one kind of apron. On the other hand, you might benefit from all of them. Consider the type of restaurant you are running. Then, determine which aprons will enhance your business the most. Understand that they are essential to have on your restaurant supply checklist.

Kitchen Range

Lastly, include a kitchen range on your restaurant supply checklist as well. You have two types of ranges to choose from: gas and electric. Settings are more easily changeable on gas ranges. However, electric ranges can be cleaned rather effortlessly. Furthermore, you have three sub-categories of electric ranges to choose from. Combine price and efficiency of each to determine which type of range is best for your restaurant. Purchase a kitchen range before your grand opening.

Grand openings cannot be grand without a restaurant supply checklist. Include smoke detectors in your list. Add security cameras as well. Write refrigeration equipment into your checklist. Aprons must be checked off before opening. Finally, remember to buy a kitchen range that fits your restaurant’s needs. You now have the ultimate pre-opening restaurant supply checklist.

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