Local Refrigerator Repair Service Helps Restaurateurs Maintain Quality


The holidays can be one of the busiest times for a food business. With plenty of families (mostly mothers and wives) not looking forward to spending their entire holiday over an oven, they book a reservation at a table in one of Toronto’s many restaurants and break bread made someone else’s hands. If you’re a restaurant owner, then you already know how important this time of year is for your sales. Your entire operations team needs to be ready to handle the crowds this winter.

Refrigerators Are Essential

Of course, your team includes the many appliances that help run your restaurant. These appliances, especially your refrigerators, have to be up to the task this holiday season, or you won’t be hosting much of any reserved tables at all. In the Very Murray Christmas special, a power outage that affected the hotel’s fridges turned into the springboard for a great party. To save on waste from melting food, the snowed-in guests of the hotel got to eat free hors d’oeuvres and desserts. But as a restaurant business owner, you know that a malfunctioning refrigerator would never have a happy ending such as this.

Risks of Refrigerator Downtime

In reality, it can have a significantly negative impact on your business as a whole. If you refrigerator stops working or loses power for whatever reason, the temperature in its case will quickly rise. Once the temperature starts to climb past 5 degrees Celsius, then you cannot legally use the food in the restaurant business. No Netflix inspired sing-a-long here; if you don’t find a quick solution, then you’ll be wasting a lot of money in wasted food expenses and turning away a lot of unhappy customers.

Hiring Local Repair Services

If your commercial refrigerator is on the fritz this season, it’s a good idea to hire a local appliance repair service. Most services can supply highly trained and certified repair technicians to work on a variety of commercial-grade kitchen appliances, including your fridge. Should your emergency happen in the middle of a rush and time is of the essence, then try Toronto Refrigeration commercial fridge repair services. Not only are their technicians expertly trained to help your restaurant, but they offer 24/7 availability with same-day repairs so you never have to close your doors due to a broken fridge.

Common Refrigerator Services

Since many businesses run into the same issues, refrigerator repairs services usually fix a few common issues. They will take care of the appliance when it is running cold, running warm or not running at all. Of course, in any food franchise, you need to have a properly operating refrigerator to keep food at safe temperatures while being stored. It is good to know that they service professionals can help you at all steps of the way.

Is It Worth Fixing?

Many business owners struggle to figure out whether or not it is worth it to repair refrigerators or just replace them. Thankfully, there is a handy list of when to repair and when to replace. Refrigerator repair services may be the best bet if your fresh food section of your refrigerators is not cooling as it should, if their are refrigerator noise issues from the fan, if the ice machine is not dispensing properly or if the doors are not sealing shut properly. If you have any other issues with your refrigerator, now may be the time to buy a new one. Just be sure to request same day delivery so nothing spoils. This is important to remember, as it may save your business money now or in the future.

Round the clock availability can mean life or death when it comes to operating a restaurant business through the holidays. When you can expect quick and efficient repairs to any of your appliances, then you don’t have to worry about turning away customers from your restaurant, especially if you have a taken a restaurant loan. With the help of a local commercial fridge repair service, you’ll be prepared to profit the holiday rush.

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  1. It makes sense that businesses would be so dependent on refrigerator repair. Places that serve food absolutely rely on a functioning fridge! If they don’t get it fixed, then they can’t even do their job.

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