How To Secure Payment Processing Servers To Increase Sales

You can never be too careful when shopping online these days. There are hackers who are all too eager to get a hold of personal information. This is why companies such as 1 ShoppingCart offer secure payment processing. Allowing customers to use a secure payment method is a great way to build a reliable reputation and increase sales. Here is an idea of what you get when you use secure online shopping cart software.

Various Methods Of Payment

It is always good to give your customers choices when making a purchase from your website. One customer may not mind giving their credit card information, while another customer may prefer to use a system that does not require them to reveal that information. There are secure payment processors that accept over 50 payment gateways, including PayPal or Simplify Commerce. This allows your customers to use their preferred payment method. Customers who feel comfortable about sending a payment are likely to purchase from you again. Happy customers can potentially increase traffic to your site. Therefore, various payment methods can also increase traffic.

Secure Data With PCI Certified

Your customers are not going to shop with you if they do not feel their personal information is secure. The best thing you can do is use a payment software that meets the PCI Data Security standards. With software that meets these standards, you can relieve some of your business owner stress. Customer data such as credit card information is locked down to prevent hackers from getting their hands on it.

Secure Servers To Keep Customer Data Safe

An unsafe server can be hazardous to your customers and your business. Your customers are at the risk of having their sensitive data stolen during a purchase. Customers who do not feel safe on your website may avoid doing business with you, and they may even spread the word of their experience. This is why many online payment processors use a secure server that is located in a high quality data center. The data is monitored around the clock to ensure the customer data is safe. You can rest comfortably knowing your customers and business are in good hands.

Peace Of Mind For Customers

Your customers are going to look for signs that you are running a legit and safe website. The signs usually include ‘https’ with a closed lock icon or a security badge from a reliable source. This is why online payment processors include a branded checkout feature that shows you are keeping their data safe and sound. It lets your customers know that they do not have anything to worry about when shopping with you. Secure processing also means you hear less customer complaints, which is certainly not a bad thing.

Loyalty Card Program Benefits

Also, by using a company like Secure Payment Systems, the consumer risk management experts, you can bring a loyalty card program to your business hassle-free. These loyalty programs act as a promotional opportunity to build brand awareness for your shop, which is never a bad thing. Secure Payment Systems also offers custom gift cards for your customers, as well. This will help to enhance the brand strength of your company. Consider these additional features when deciding if secure payment providers are the best decision for your business.

Performance Management

Additionally, some secure payment processing servers offer better performance management. For example, secure online shopping carts have multiple methods of portraying your past and present management performance. Firstly, they record data in an easy-to-read manner. Secondly, they organize information into appropriate sections. With these tools, you have tons of beneficial sales information at your fingertips. You are also able to make changes to your website and sales strategies accordingly. Performance management is an advantage you can receive when you use secure payment processing software.

Offering secure payment like AVS credit card processing is a great way to cement your spot in the world of online marketing. It shows your customers that keeping their information safe is a top priority. Your customers are likely to shop with you again when they see that you are running a safe and trustworthy website.

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