How To Create A Social Media Marketing Content Calendar To Save Time

Social media marketing content calendars set marketing teams up for success on all platforms. When created properly, they prevent marketing professionals like yourself from scrambling to post quality content. Whether you want to upgrade your presence on Facebook, Instagram or a variety of channels, you can do so efficiently by building a calendar. You can increase your company’s profits without setting yourself back on other projects. Read on to learn how to create a social media marketing content calendar to save time.

Set Monthly Goals

Begin your social media marketing content calendar creation process by setting monthly goals. Only then can you optimize your presence on social media channels. Start off by writing down your long-term goals. One common one is to out-do competitors. Consider where your top competitors are at on popular platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Then, come up with ways that can get you to their level or above it. Use your thoughts to generate short-term goals. Place your short-term goals into categories such as content, followers, traffic and sales. When you set monthly goals, you simplify the processes to come for creating a social media marketing content calendar.

Conduct A Social Media Audit

Another crucial step to take when creating a marketing content calendar for social media is to conduct a social media audit. This entails noting how well you are performing on social media at the moment. Start by recording the platforms you have business profiles on. Then, list them based on performance, placing the best performing ones at the top. Consider the less engaging accounts you have and determine whether it is worth it to continue posting on those platforms. Search for any imposter accounts so you know how many you need to shut down. Write down any programs that you implemented such as employee advocacy programs to try to boost your engagement. Additionally, document how frequently you are currently posting on each platform. You can use this audit to create a social media marketing calendar that will improve your online presence.

Determine The Best Content Types

Moreover, determine the best content types to schedule in your social media content calendar. Content types include photos, videos, text and links. You might want to create infographics to use as photos or develop educational videos to post. To determine which ones will amplify your status on social media, look at your competitors. If they do not receive a decent amount of engagement from consumers on their video posts, you might not want to put the capital into video production. Pay attention to the content that gets them not only a lot of likes, but a lot of positive comments as well. Use the information you find to select the best content for your social media marketing content calendar.

Revolve It Around Your Sales Cycle

When marketing teams base their social media content calendar around their sales cycles, they reach new heights. If you market for a clothing company, your sales cycle likely revolves around the seasons and the latest trends. Sit down with a layout of your sales cycle to gain insight into what you should include in your content and when to include it. If you start posting photos of your winter collection in the middle of summer, consumers will not engage with you. Use your sales cycle to structure your social media marketing content calendar.

Build A Content Repository

Lastly, build a content repository to develop a quality social media marketing content calendar. Marketing teams typically stress the most when they run low on content to publish. By creating a content repository, you eliminate this potential struggle that could seriously set you back even with a content calendar. If you do not have any material to schedule in your calendar, it is useless. Generate new content to keep in a folder for social media. At the same time, store old yet useful content that you can post in the folder. If you continuously add to this folder of content, you will never run out of material for your social media marketing content calendar. To ensure that you achieve your marketing goals, consider applying content distribution network tactics as well.

In order to boost your online presence, you need to upgrade your social media marketing methods. One of the best ways to do so is to create a content calendar for all platforms. Start building your platform by coming up with both long-term and short-term goals. Then, conduct a social media audit to use as a basis for improvement. Determine which content types will benefit your pages the most by looking at your competitors’ profiles. Take a look at your sales cycle and revolve your calendar around it. Finally, build a content repository so that you never fall behind on materials to post. Follow these steps to successfully create a social media marketing content calendar.

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