How To Start A Medical Practice Successfully On Your Own

Many doctors decide they want to work for themselves after practicing under someone else. Opening your own medical practice can provide you with the independence and responsibility you desire. If you are looking to successfully a medical practice, check out the steps below.

Secure Funding

Financing is the number one step in opening your practice. Although finding funding can be daunting, there are options for aspiring small business owners. You can acquire funding from loan services such as the U.S. Small Business Administration. Think about the bare minimum costs, like an office space and medical supplies, you will need to cover. Search for second-hand equipment when you can. Financing a start-up clinic is often the biggest hurdle to overcome, but ideally your practice will pay for itself over the years. Your startup practice could even be eligible for outside public or private funding, like grants for small businesses. Explore all your options for funding when starting a medical practice.

 Acquire Licenses

This is perhaps the most important step in embarking on your business journey. To open your own practice successfully, you must follow all regulations. This means obtaining a national provider identifier number, updating your license and deciding on a legal structure for your company. You will need to register with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Purchasing insurance falls under this step as well. The legality and licensing step is crucial to your practice’s success, as it can protects you from malpractice and liability lawsuits.

Search For A Space

Choosing the right location for your practice is essential to its success. Obviously cost comes into play when looking for an office space. If you have the freedom to be selective, try to focus on areas with fewer medical practices. You can also look to root your practice around a specific demographic. The most basic office space can suffice to start your medical practice. Just be sure to read over your lease and find a space that fits your practice’s specific needs.

Recruit A Team

Staffing your practice is a crucial step. You need to recruit a motivated staff to run a successful business. Hiring the wrong people can significantly hold your practice back and diminish morale. Your staff should be invested and excited. First, decide the initial scale of your business. You may choose to handle payroll responsibilities yourself, but if your business grows or starts with a larger team, you may need to consider hiring a payroll manager. No matter if you are recruiting an office manager or a medical professional, they should share your values and vision for the practice. It is essential to be selective in the hiring process when picking people to staff your medical practice.

Find A Management System

Technology is constantly used in the medical field nowadays. One of the ways you can utilize it in your practice is through an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. These records can accurately track patient information, manage your communications and streamline billing. A high-quality EHR system will also communicate with your Practice Management (PM) system. These technologies have to work together to optimize your patient care. Pick a management and EHR system that best suit your practice’s needs. Additionally, be sure to integrate the correct technology for your business. For example, some doctor offices disclose that they charge credit card processing fees. All of your operations should fit your client base and your preferred method, so don’t be afraid to shop around before committing.

Opening your own medical practice can give you the freedom and authority you need in the medical field. Financing is the first priority. As you begin to research funding for your new practice, you should also obtain licensing and certifications you need. The legal process can take months. The final steps in opening your medical practice are to hire a staff and decide on a Practice Management system. As long as you have the proper tools, team and tech, your new medical practice will surely be a success.

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