How To Start Flying Private On A Budget

There are several steps to start flying private on a budget. Private flights save significant amounts of time, since the check-in and screening processes are shorter. By allowing booking flexibility, many private air travel companies save time and increase productivity of their passengers. As a business owner, requesting a plane for a same-day departure and having it wait for you ensures your quick arrival to your destination. In fact, there are several more reasons business owners fly private. Read on to discover a five-step plan to start flying private on a budget.

Determine Trip Details

Determining the details of your trip is the first step in flying private on a budget. Departure dates and times often have a significant impact on the air travel solutions offered. Most private aircraft companies work by matching you up with the right aircraft and pilots for your given trip details. Therefore, ensure your specific air travel needs are met by providing detailed travel date, location, and time information. Surely, determining your trip details is a first step that lays a foundation for your private flying experience.

Compare Prices

To maximize your private flying ROI, compare prices for your chosen trip from different private flight providers. There are several websites that let you compare the costs of many major private jet airlines. Additionally, consider employing a travel broker to compare prices and book trips for you. Typically, they work on commission, so ask what their commission would be and how to pay it. Then, tell your broker your price tolerance ahead of time so they can find the best deals. You may also want to compare destination airfare and hotel prices. Absolutely, comparing prices for your desired trip reduces costs and maximizes your private flight ROI.

Review Cancellation Terms

Third, review the cancellation terms required by your chosen travel provider. When you book a private flight, the aircraft is reserved for you and can’t be offered to other customers. It’s schedule is also being built around your flight. Therefore, cancellations often come at hefty prices. For example, contracts for one way flights typically incur a 100% charge for cancellations. However, cancellation deadlines vary from provider to provider. Certainly, review and understand the cancellation terms of your chosen private aircraft operator to avoid incurring significant extra costs.

Send Group Details

Next, send the details and preferences of anyone you’ll be traveling with so the flight crew can personalize the experience for them. Doing so allows your provider to accommodate their food, beverage, and luggage storage preferences. Additionally, provide reasons for travel and any applicable special occasions. This way, the flight crew significantly increases the quality and enjoyment of your group’s private flying experience. Definitely, providing various details about the group you’re traveling with allows all of you to get the most out of the private flight.

Departure Considerations

The final step in flying private on a budget is making the proper pre-flight preparations. Often, private jets fly out of private airport terminals, where check-in and security screening take significantly less time. Instead of showing up an hour or two before your flight as you would commercially, you can arrive thirty minutes before departure and have time to spare. However, private flight experiences come with a few expectations, such as your outfit and luggage amount/weight. Don’t overdress or underdress, but consider that private jets are sophisticated environments and that your outfit should respect that. Additionally, since private aircraft are smaller, they have much stricter safety-related weight restrictions. Ask about these restrictions before flying, and consider them when packing your luggage. Of course, making the proper pre-flight preparations ensures a smooth private flying experience and helps you alleviate business traveler stress.

There is a myriad of methods to start flying privately on a budget. One method involves determining the details of your trip as the first step that provides direction to the rest of the process. Next, compare prices for your desired trip through various websites or a broker to maximize the private flight’s ROI. Third, avoid incurring significant extra costs by reviewing and understanding the cancellation terms of your private aircraft agreement. Provide your jet operator with various details on the rest of your travel group so the crew can personalize their experiences. Finally, make the proper pre-flight preparations to respect the flight crew and ensure a high-quality private flight experience. When searching for methods to start flying privately on a budget, consider the method described above.

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