How To Encourage Communication Between Company Departments Cohesively

Company departments can be structured in a variety of ways. If you are a business owner, you may have a marketing team, a human resources department and a front end team working behind the scenes to keep your business going. However, it can often be difficult to communicate among these many company departments, especially as your business grows. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to improve internal communications at your company. To find out our top five tips for communication between your company departments, keep reading below.

Create A Company Newsletter

One of the best things that you can do to keep your various company departments up to date on the latest business developments is create a newsletter. Send out a monthly or weekly email with your overall goals, profits and changes. The ability to engage your readers is important, especially when you have multiple departments to deal with. This way, you can include information or resources that a separate department may have to offer the rest of the organization.

Open Lines Of Communication

Many businesses are structured with a top-down model of communication. However, if you want to improve communication among your company departments, it may be best to encourage communication between peers and managers across these departments. An open door policy can be a great boost to your business. When employees know that they can address any questions or issues they may have to upper management, you will likely see great success for internal communications.

Encourage Software & Social Media Use

Software can be essential for improving internal projects, everyday tasks, and overall communication among businesses. Specialized platforms make it easy for teams to collaborate, share information and  ideas, and stay focused. The good news? The options are plentiful. Whether you need a tool for retail communications across stores, project management, or other collaborative tools, better organization and communication is in the realm of possibility.

If you’re looking for something that’s free to use but has similar advantages to the software above, consider social media.  It’s

just a marketing tool, it is also a great tool for internal communication. Your various business units can all come together on a single platform, such as a specialized group, and discuss interdepartmental projects freely. There are many business applications that have features similar to Twitter for business. Simple chat features and forums can be an excellent way to use social media to your advantage.

Hold Consistent Meeting Times

Consistent meeting times are also a great way to improve communication within your company divisions. Upper-level and front-end staff meetings are the perfect way to bring together employees from different operations. Establishing a set time for employees to meet will encourage constant interactions and help your management convey important information to other departments.

Create A Database Of Information

Finally, another key tactic you should consider for better communication throughout the company is to create a database of information for everyone as a company reference. This can include anything you find important to the core of your business, whether that be values, operations or even a branding guide. A resource or workplace accessory like this will be of great value to your internal communication efforts. As a result, each of your company departments will have the same basic guidelines in mind while completing different projects.

Build Trust Between Company Departments

Trust is built through strong communication. Every company department must be held accountable for their communications. For example, when sharing information with other parts of the company, it should be accurate and reliable. Most departments make enterprise resource planning decisions and take actions on the information that gets exchanged. Of course, if everyone has to go back and double check the work, a lot of time and energy is wasted. On the other had, accurate and reliable information will create an environment where various company groups can rely on each other to take action and get things done. When multiple departments work together successfully, their trust builds and strengthens to the benefit of the entire organization.

Improving internal communications among your company departments is an important step towards growing your business. The best way to bring your teams together is through consistent meetings and open lines of communication. Newsletters and social media can also be a great help in keeping everyone up to date on the latest business developments. Try out these tips for yourself and see how you can help your company departments come together.

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