4 Required Traits To Become A Successful Trader

Let’s say you are new in trading and you are regular in Forex. But, you are hardly able to see some profit from your trading account. Now, you are wondering, “Am I doing something wrong? Is there any mantra of becoming a good trader?” We would agree with your curiosity and tell you that there are three main mantras for learning good trading. Dedication, Patience, and Practice are the main key ingredients of becoming a good trader. Let’s talk about these things in the following and see how they work in improving the trading quality.


Dedication is the first thing necessary for good trading. You need to be committed to your work in order to succeed in it. No matter what happens you have to say to yourself that tomorrow will be fine. If you are just testing yourself in Forex, you will not get far. Dedication and commitment to trading will help you overcome all the losses you will experience.

Say you are facing loss consistently but you don’t want to give up trading. One day you will you are sure to see the face of profit. And that will help you to boost up for the next level. So, don’t lose hope in yourself and keep on trying for a better outcome. Make little adjustments every time when you trade to find the perfect way to make a profit from your market timing trades.


Patience is directly related to dedication. You may ask why it is directly related to dedication. Because when you lose patience, you will lose hope of continuing Forex for a longer time period. Lack of confidence will force you to give trading up for good.

Let’s say you are a novice trader and you have prepped your strategy well. Still, you are facing losses from the trades you have executed. Because of that you have lost all your confidence and planning to give up trading for good. If this is the case, there is no point of all the money and effort you have spent on Forex.

Price fluctuation can also irritate you from time to time. But, you need to remember that the market is there for you and you just have to wait for the key swing to place your trade.


You must devote yourself just like the professional UK traders. Try to understand how the most active currency pairs react to different news factors. Those who are relatively new to this profession often says this market is rigged and their trades are being stopped out due to the false spike. Unlike them, experienced traders know when the market might exhibit a false spike. They always scale their open trade prior to high impact news release. Unless you have an extreme level of devotion to this currency trading business, you can never save yourself from such incidents.

As a retail trader, you must have written the plan. Following an old-fashioned trading, the journal will help you to develop your skills in a very organized way. In fact, this will also help you to identify your mistakes. So devote yourself and trade this market with the extreme level of discipline.


Practice is the most important thing for improving trading quality. Remember, trading is not about the goal but the experience and knowledge you gather from trading. The more you analyze the market is better for you to understand the behavior of the market. Find out the common behavior of the price chart and note it down in your head. Learn from the investing and financial mistakes you make every time while trading and try to improve your trading edge.

Divide your investment into small pieces so that you can practice more without worrying about losing too much. With proper practice, you will be able to learn the trends and key swings properly. Then, no obstacle can prevent you from making good trades which will yield a decent amount of profit.

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