Why USA Manufacturing Provides Added Incentive For Consumers

Most entrepreneurs would not think that American manufacturing is the best option for their future business ventures. However, USA manufacturing has come a long way in recent years. In fact, many of the most successful American businesses are starting to bring manufacturing back onshore. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, this is something you want to give serious consideration in the coming weeks and months before you open your own business, regardless of whether you will be producing subscription boxes or car engines. Find out the benefits of American manufacturing in this post.


International shipping is expensive. Domestic shipping, on the other hand, is much cheaper. It is also more reliable. That is why so many business owners are deciding to move manufacturing processes back to the USA. Manufacturing in the USA allows you to provide lower shipping costs to customers. It also makes it possible to guarantee that products will get to consumers on-time and in one piece. This is a considerable benefit that certainly is not present in overseas manufacturing.

Cost Advantages

China manufacturing cost advantages are slipping. USA manufacturing cost advantages are quickly rising to meet the competition for zero sum budgeting businesses. As Chinese wages are rising, the benefits of outsourcing are dropping. Experts predict that soon, manufacturing in China will only be roughly 10% cheaper than manufacturing within the United States because of this. Manufacturing in the US is rapidly catching up to the cost advantages of Chinese manufacturing, making the “Made in America” label a much more enticing prospect for entrepreneurs like yourself.

Environmental Sustainability

Manufacturing goods locally is much better for the environment than Chinese manufacturing is. The United States has more manufacturing regulations than other countries may have. In addition, manufacturing goods stateside also means less pollution from the planes, boats or trucks that are delivering the product. If you want to open a socially conscious and environmentally responsible business, manufacturing in the USA can help you do just that.

Product Safety

Product safety standards are higher here in the United States. It is also likely that they are more strictly adhered to than similar product safety guidelines in other countries. This means a higher quality product is delivered to consumers. It also means fewer business liabilities for you, the entrepreneur. The importance of product safety cannot be understated. Thankfully, USA manufacturing guidelines will ensure that only high-quality, safe products make it into customers hands.

Added Incentive

Made in America products have an added incentive for consumers versus internationally manufactured goods. Consumers love to feel a connection with the products they are buying. As an entrepreneur, this is important to consider. Manufacturing in the United States can be a great marketing strategy for your business. It can be a part of your brand. This can be a great way to differentiate your business from the competition when you are just starting out, which can be invaluable for long term success.

Before you start coming up with good company names for your future venture, you should start thinking about how to produce products for it. Many hopeful entrepreneurs would assume that manufacturing overseas is cheaper and more advantageous for new startups. But, this is simply not true. USA manufacturing presents a ton of benefits to business owners stateside. In addition, the cost advantages of overseas manufacturing are no longer as noteworthy as they were just a few short years ago. Consider the benefits of American manufacturing detailed above when deciding where to manufacture your products for your new business. You may be surprised to find that manufacturing in the United States produces better results for your business.

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