6 Ways Technology Can Save Money In Multiple Departments

As a business owner who’s drowning in financial pressure or growing a company, if you start to use technology effectively then you could reduce your expenses and find more cash for what’s important to you. It might be that, rather than saving you money directly, technology can help you to improve efficiency or save time, which will in turn save you money. Read on to find out how technology could help you with your enterprise.

Customer Service

Many business owners who aren’t using technology effectively find customers service demanding, and they try to cut corners wherever possible. Often, this reduces the service, as the easiest way to cut costs in this area is to reduce the amount of staff available for live answering service. Rather than increasing your customer’s waiting times, you could use an automated phone service that gives customers an estimated waiting time. There are even automated services which can help customers deal with issues by themselves. You can also use emails to communicate with customers, whether to inform them about promotions or to ask for feedback.


Many medical business groups, health systems and ACOs are baffled by new healthcare regulations such as the quality payment program. Companies like SA Ignite successfully streamline reporting procedures to make regulatory compliance easier to maintain, while offering strategic guidance to their customers. Having an external company to optimize quality scores can reduce risk not only to your finances but also to your reputation.

Mobile Working

More and more companies are employing staff who work from home, and this can save money for both parties. For the employer, it can save money on paying for an office, or it can at least allow them to reduce the size of the premises needed, while it allows employees much more freedom. Employees looking for work and employers looking for workers are no longer limited to only those who live locally or can commute, as the internet makes it possible to stay connected.


If you operate a manufacturing company then there are so many options for automation tech and digitalization that you might not know where to start. An effectively automated production procedure can improve productivity and save labor costs. Likewise, an effectively digitalized system can maximize efficiency when it comes to communication.


Many small business owners and entrepreneurs see marketing as an expense they can’t afford, but there are marketing options you can adopt that will get results without costing a fortune. Simple things like adding a blog section to your website can increase user traffic while raising your business in the search engine rankings. You can also communicate with customers through a social media page to offer promotions to your target demographic.


If you aren’t using technology to make your monthly wage stretch that bit further, then you should be. There are entire blogs dedicated to ways you can save money, either by using coupons, free trials and other promotional deals, or else by suggesting DIY tips and other ways to avoid paying out unnecessarily for services. There are also price comparison sites out there that can help you save on your larger expenses like car insurance and mortgages.

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