5 Important Safety Items For Wholesale First Aid Kits For Businesses

There are many important safety items for wholesale business first aid kits. Having an adequate first aid kit at the ready enables businesses to address injuries and accidents quickly and can potentially limit the need for you to hire a personal injury attorney. This way, you can mitigate the the damage done by these occurrences for the business’s reputation and profit margins. As a business manager, providing a stocked first aid kit for business use is required by federal law. Read on to discover a few important safety items for wholesale first aid kits for businesses.

Instructional Posters

Typically, you can find posters containing information on how to perform certain first aid maneuvers and protocols near your first aid kit, or inside of it. Since employees often have varying degrees of first aid expertise, providing this information ensures they treat any ailment or injury to the best of their ability. Depending on your industry, include posters that detail how to perform CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and immobilize broken bones. Additionally, include directions for controlling bleeding and a list of the supplies included in your first aid kit. This way, you and your team are prepared for the most common injuries, accidents, and ailments. Surely, including several instructional posters near your first aid kits provides assurance that those without training will still be able to help.

Major Trauma Injuries

Within your actual first aid kit, include instruments for dealing with major injuries and trauma. Though many of these instruments require first aid training to use effectively, they should always be accessible for quick emergency response. Include items such as scissors, forceps, gauze pads, and a tourniquet. In addition, include adhesive tape and a mouth barrier for performing CPR. Moreover, medical device industry trend in first aid kits includes eyecare items such as an eyewash station with refills and eye pads. Absolutely, including these major trauma items prevents such injuries from worsening due to lack of medical attention.

Minor Injuries

Include instruments for dealing with minor injuries in your business first aid kit as well. Since there’s no way to predict accidents, injuries, and emergencies, covering all bases prevents minor injuries from worsening. For example, cuts, scrapes, burns, splinters, blisters, and nosebleeds are all relatively minor injuries that can worsen exponentially if not treated promptly. Therefore, look for bandages, finger cots, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer, and body fluid cleanup kits in your first aid kit. Certainly, providing instruments for dealing with minor injuries prevents them from worsening into major legal and financial issues.

Biohazards And Bloodborne Pathogens

Make sure biohazard and bloodborne pathogen (BBP) kits are included in your business first aid kit as well. These items prepare your business for the event of viral and bacterial pathogens spreading throughout your workplace. Many businesses don’t include these kits and either close entirely or pay exorbitant legal and medical fees due to infection complications. While such events are somewhat rare, including BBP and biohazard kits and suits ensures your business is prepared for them. Of course, biohazard and BBP suits and kits provide cost mitigation during rare events.

Common Medications

Include some common minor medications in your kits to increase employee comfort and satisfaction. There are many first aid kits that come with medications providing relief for headaches, colds, muscle pain, and many other minor workplace pathologies. Having these substances on hand allows employees to medicate when suffering from such common workplace ailments. This way, you can increase productivity and comfort in the workplace significantly. You could even use a productivity tracker to improve management as well. Definitely, including common over-the-counter medications for minor workplace pathologies provides improvements to employee morale and productivity.

There’s a myriad of items to include in a wholesale first aid kit for your business. One item to include is instructional pamphlets or posters detailing how to perform certain first aid maneuvers, such as CPR and the Heimlich. Of course, including instruments for treating major traumas ensures their quick treatment. Providing minor trauma instruments prevents the injuries from worsening. Biohazard and BBP suits and kits ensure protection during rare contagious infection events. Finally, including minor treatments for common workplace symptoms like colds and headaches significantly improves employee morale and productivity. When wondering about important safety items to include in your wholesale first aid kit for business, consider the items described above.

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