5 Workplace Harassment Training Activities That Engage Participants

Harassment training is difficult to conquer in the workplace. For this reason, HR professionals like yourself need high quality workplace harassment training ideas. The most successful training sessions include exercises that boost employee engagement. After all, if workers are not actively paying attention to the training, you are not impacting them or your office as a whole. You need optimal harassment training to improve workplace health and safety. Read on to discover the top workplace harassment training activities that engage participants.

Four Corners

One of the best workplace harassment training activities for engaging employees is four corners. Begin by assigning the corners of the room “agree”, “disagree”, “strongly agree”, and “strongly disagree”. Instruct employees to start in the middle of the room. Stand in front of them and read off different scenarios. Each time you read off a scenario, tell participants to move to a corner depending on their thoughts. Then, allow the workers to explain why they chose the corner they chose. This activity forces participants to engage with both the information and with each other. Hence, it is a very effective workplace harassment training activity.

DIY Videos

Similarly, the exercise of creating videos also encourages engagement with the material and one another. To implement this exercise, separate employees into small groups. Provide each group with a different workplace harassment scenario. Tell the groups to make videos of themselves acting out the scenario. Once they are done, instruct them to film a separate scene showing how to handle the scenario. Upon completion, meet and show every group’s video to the entire class. Open up the floor to discussion and input. You can, then, describe what groups did well and how scenarios could be handled better. Do-it-yourself videos requires workplace harassment training engagement.

Human Continuum

Another fun yet productive workplace harassment training exercise is to form a human continuum. Use masking tape to place a line on the wall. Have participants take turns selecting scenarios out of an envelope. Tell each reader to decide if the scenario belongs in the harassment continuum. If they believe that it does, instruct them to tape the scenario on the line on the wall. By partaking in this activity, workers will gain an understanding of how many different types of harassment there are. Therefore, they can identify them if and when they occur in the workplace. This exercise creates the same gratitude that employee wellness programs create. It shows employees how to recognize mental and physical health risks. Use the human continuum activity to enhance your HR workplace harassment training.

Online Training

HR professionals also use online training as a workplace harassment training exercise. While this option does not encourage engagement between employees, it does increase engagement with the material. Certain employees struggle to take in information in group settings. If this is the case with some of your participants, give them the option to train online. Many HR managers use excel online training to do so. You can also use gamification tools to create intriguing experiences for employees using computers. In doing so, you guarantee workplace harassment training success for all learning types.

Point-Based Games

Participants who prefer in-person training can benefit from game-like course structures as well. One way to offer this is through playing point-based games that revolve around harassment scenarios. You can set up a game of Jeopardy. Separate employees into small groups and ask harassment-related questions. When a team answers a question correctly, give them a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins a small prize. By including this activity in your workplace harassment training, you motivate participants to learn the necessary information.

Human resource professionals need effective workplace harassment training activities to educate workers properly. One of the best activities is four corners because it allows participants to engage with one another and with the material simultaneously. Have employees work with one another to create their own videos based on scenarios. Form a human continuum to portray how many types of harassment there are. Offer online training using gamification platforms. Finally, consider integrating point-based games to boost motivation. These are the most engaging workplace harassment training activities.

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