5 Sales Forecasting Software For Better Business Insight


Sales forecasting software makes predicting future sales growth much easier. Generally, businesses use these software to gauge possible sales figures for the upcoming financial year. A quality sales forecasting software takes sales trends, economic trends and financial reports into account. Plus, they can analyze competition development or other external risk factors. From these details, the management team can get a fair idea about the current business model and attainable sales figures. Currently, there are countless such software to forecast sales. To help you select the best, this post lists five top-rated sales forecasting software.


Regarded highly by all high-end sales organizations, SalesForce can conduct real time forecasting for your entire sales team. Business owners can adjust forecasted amounts for each representative as per their performance. Its easily navigable interface shows sales opportunities and quota attainment in a single forecast screen. Additionally, forecasts can be done based on revenues, product families or opportunity splits. Above all, tailored solutions to fit any business makes SalesForce a great choice.

Vanguard Sales Forecasting

The Vanguard Sales Forecasting software focuses on predicting product and service demand. Enhancing overall business sales management, each forecast report it creates includes business cycle, seasonality, trend, promotion and competitor action. In addition, its user friendly web interface and ERP integration offers real time insights. Certainly, Vanguard’s world-class analytics can improve production scheduling to deliver on increased sales.

Zoho CRM

The Zoho CRM software helps accurately estimate revenue generation for each fiscal year. By merging forecasting and opportunities modules, it offers details like sales targets, achieved targets, closed amounts or pipeline amounts. Furthermore, you can create customizable dashboards to monitor sales progress. These dashboards easily identify sales personnel who succeeded in reaching targets using this software. All in all, Zoho CRM’s simple forecast structure focuses sales efforts in the right direction.


Another best forecasting software, ForecastPro offers credible forecasts cost effectively. After installing it, businesses can pick an appropriate forecasting method model to improve its accuracy level. Additional methods can be employed for new products, promoted items and one time events. What’s more, its convenient grid allows forecast adjustments as required. On the whole, advanced features like one click, direct to Excel reporting and flexible formats help ForecastPro stand out among its competition.

GMDH Shell

GMDH Shell forecasts sales using historical data for businesses across various industries. While using the software, business owners can customize forecasting parameters according to their needs. Its multivariate forecasting algorithms delivers more precision while analyzing hundreds of products within minutes. Most importantly, GMDH Shell saves businesses from excess inventory and stock outs.

A good sales forecasting software is vital for proper sales planning and management. To choose the right one for your business, compare various factors including user interface, functionality, costs and customized needs. Certainly, these software are a great place to get started. Many businesses like yours have seen an increase in profitability by implementing the right software for sales forecasts.

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