How To Launch The Best Affiliate Email Marketing Programs For Small Business

For small businesses, affiliate email marketing programs can be a great way to reach a large number of customers without spending a lot of money. Studies have shown that per dollar spent, email marketing campaigns get higher customer conversions than any other form of marketing. Setting up an email marketing program that is effective and automated is therefore the most cost-effective way to reach a customer base. Becoming an affiliate marketer, business owners can also gain a percentage of every sale made. Successful affiliate marketing campaigns can serve a customer niche with products outside the normal offerings of a business and make that business money. Here is how to launch the best affiliate email marketing programs for small business.

Make Sure Your Mail Provider Supports Affiliate Links

Not every business email provider supports affiliate links, and in fact some services outright ban the practice. Since losing a critical part of their digital operation would be disastrous, small business owners should confirm that their email marketing is acceptable. The best way to understand the provider’s stance is to ask them directly, providing some details of the marketing plan if possible. If they do not support the practice, then owners should either consider whether the marketing program is worth the effort to switch providers. Business owners should be aware that some services are specifically tailored towards affiliate email marketing programs. Confirming that mail providers support affiliate link marketing campaigns is a crucial first step for business owners looking to start their marketing program.

Understand The Program Details

It is important to understand the program details when choosing to market with affiliates. Of course, the one that is best for your business depends on your needs. One factor to consider is what services the program offers. For example, some use coordinated communication through email and social media. Additionally, the commission rate may influence your decision. Keep in mind that some partners offer a percentage rate while others offer a flat fee. Finally, be aware that most services charge a monthly fee for promoting their brand. Surely, you will want to understand the program details before signing the contract.

Partner With The Right Affiliates

Once your business has the affiliate program infrastructure set up, the next step is to choose the appropriate affiliate partners. There are three key aspects to consider when picking an affiliate; profitability, relevance to the niche, and sustainability. Obviously, whatever company partnered with should have net income exceed any expenses associated with the marketing program. Secondly, consider the needs of the consumer base being reached by this marketing program. For example, a business marketing outdoor sports equipment can safely partner with an athletic shoe company, but not a business technology company. Finally, affiliates should be products or services that have a lasting appeal and are not just a passing fad. Business owners should consider these three ideas when choosing an affiliate to partner with.

Add These Emails To An Existing Rotation

An email marketing campaign built entirely on affiliate links has a tendency to frustrate customers as a business is continually directing them to third party products or services. Any customer on a mailing list is foremost on the list to access that particular business’ content first. The best way to add an affiliate marketing campaign is to look at what already has the best response rates. Then, you can start weaving in affiliate links and promotions into that program. This way, your new program is a natural extension to an existing email campaign. Hence, there is less risk of the third party being seen as an intrusion by your customers when you add these emails to an established campaign.

Track Your Progress

As with any digital marketing campaign, a key step to the process is to track your progress. Review metrics like open and click-through rates. If these rates decrease immediately following the start of an affiliate marketing program, then customers have likely found the new campaign obnoxious. Another metric to pay attention to is what affiliate products are generating the most purchases as this can indicate what customers are most interested in. No marketing campaign is perfect, so business owners should continually refine their techniques to serve their clientele better. Surely, tracking your progress on a regular basis helps to refine your affiliate marketing.

If done right, an affiliate email marketing program can be a great way to add value to a business by giving customers access to goods and services related to but not directly offered by that business. First, business owners have to make sure that their email service provider supports affiliate links. They also need to choose an automatic mailing program to keep the program running smoothly. The right affiliates have to be chosen, so that customers get a sense of added value. At the same time, affiliate marketing should be carefully woven into an existing email marketing program. Finally, business owners should continually analyze their program, making sure they serve their clientele as best as possible. Following these guidelines, small businesses can make sure they launch the best affiliate email marketing programs.

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