5 Reliable Backup Solutions For Small Business Data Protection

There are several reliable backup solutions for small business data protection. Data loss can cause great stress for IT managers. Recovering valuable business information can be time-consuming and costly. Studies show that lost or stolen data access costs the tech industry over $1 billion per year. As a small business owner, you need reliable data storage solutions to maintain day-to-day efficiency and prevent lost data. Whether you’re concerned about natural disasters, unreliable hosting, or equipment malfunctions, you have many backup options. Read on to learn about the most reliable backup solutions for small business data protection.

Disk-Imaging Software

First, disk-imaging software is a major reliable backup solution for your small business data protection. Namely, this is a type of cloud service that creates a copy of everything on your computer or external hard drive. You can schedule the disk-image tool to capture differential or incremental images. Using this software, you only capture the data that has changed since the last backup. Then, you can open the images at any time by assigning it a drive letter. This makes it easier to access your copied files, folders, and business applications. In this way, disk-imaging software is a reliable solution for your small business’s data protection.

Encrypted Cloud Backup

Encrypted cloud backup is another reliable backup option to protect your small business data. These backup systems are designed to provide extensive coverage to protect data loss for your network computers. With a third-party data backup provider, you can store nearly all of your data in the cloud. Cloud backup systems utilize end-to-end encryption to secure your company data. Depending on your provider, they might also offer unlimited cloud storage, remote access, and version history/recovery. If you expect your small business to grow or if you store large amounts of data, encrypted cloud backup is the perfect backup solution to keep your business data secure.

Network Attached Storage Devices

Next, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are another reliable backup solution to protect your small business’s data. Essentially, these devices are external hard drives. Instead of connecting to your computer, they connect directly to your network. Many small businesses choose this backup option because these devices are small and portable. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other backup solutions. Importantly, you can outgrow your NAS device as your storage needs expand. Therefore, you may need to purchase more storage as your company grows. Naturally, NAS devices are better-suited for businesses with smaller storage needs.

Mirror Backup Software

In addition, mirror backup software is another reliable backup solution for small businesses looking to protect their data. Essentially, this technology generates an exact replica of the folders and files you select from your backup source. Notably, when you delete a file from the source, the software also deletes it from the mirror backup. This is one of the most efficient backup solutions on the market. Indeed, it simply copies your documents to a separate storage center without compressing anything. This software works by synchronizing your computer and the software. This way, if data from either source is lost, you can repeat the sync to restore the data. In short, mirror backup software is another great backup solution for your small business.

External Hard Drive

Furthermore, you can also backup your system files to an external hard drive. Typically, these drives can show you a history of your files in an archive. This archive often includes any changes you’ve made, as well as deleted data. For example, if you’ve ever opened a file and noticed that there was missing information, you can often access the previous version in your archive. Similarly, you can retrieve original photos from your drive, if you find you’ve edited it to the wrong size. Essentially, external hard drives allow you to go back to your previous changes and access files that were incorrectly deleted. Surely, external hard drives are a great backup solution to protect your small business data.

There are several reliable backup solutions for small business data protection. For example, disk-imaging software allows you to access copies of your files that have changed since the last backup. Using encrypted cloud backup solutions, you can backup files to the cloud securely. Next, network attached storage (NAS) connects directly to your network to store your computers’ backup information. Moreover, you can also utilize mirror backup software, which synchronizes your computer to the software to create copies of your data. Furthermore, an external hard drive is another backup solution to keep your data secure. Consider these reliable backup solutions for your small business data protection.

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