Top Identity Theft Protection Solutions For Restoration Services

Identity theft can be a huge problem for both small and enterprise businesses. In many cases, protection companies offer a free monitoring service to businesses who are affected by these issues. However, there are also steps that business owners can take to protect themselves and prevent the issue from occurring in the first place. The best way to do this is to find, and pay, for one of the best business identity theft monitoring services available.

Identity Theft Protection

No company can offer 100% protection on your identity. However, they can provide monitoring solutions that will catch signals of potential identity theft threats. By using an event based approach, monitoring solutions can work to provide comprehensive identity theft protection for yourself or your spa business, dramatically lowering the chances of your information being stolen and fraudulently used. When combined with other factors like your credit scores, even if your identity is stolen, it can be recovered and solved much quicker with protection.


Restoration services are the number one advantage that is brought by using identity theft protection services. Restoration services are the one reason many business owners buy these services. These processes provide a customer information kit to guide victims of identity theft.  That kit is used to help guide identity theft victims through the process of repairing their credit, and navigating the process of gaining their identity back. If you are concerned that this may one day occur to you, definitely consider investing in identity theft protection services.

To help you get started, you will find a list of the 5 best identity theft companies for business.


Lifelock has been rated as the number one identity theft company in the US. It can help to protect a person’s identity for a fee of only $9.99 per month, a suitable option for single business owners or early entrepreneurs. There are a number of different options available for larger businesses who want to protect themselves from the financial issues caused by identity theft. Lifelock clearly outlines what is offered by their services, including prevention of some types of fraud by pointing out unusual activity on a business’s credit rating. This is one of the most effective methods of protecting your identity and your ‘good name.’

Lifelock Review

Identity Force

This service provides data breach solutions for both private businesses and government offices. It protects personal information and contacts you after an attack to discuss a plan of action. They will set up a number or hotline for any business that is affected by the breach in question and then provide them with identity and credit monitoring services to help ensure that thieves are not attempting to use their information. If the business is a victim of this, they will provide round the clock support to help and work through the issue. For business owners, there is also an ID protection service offered that will help safeguard customers.

Identity Force Review


This is yet another effective identity protection service that a number of business owners should carefully consider. If a data breach occurs, then the company will create a number for clients to learn about the breach and whether or not they will be affected. Clients who use this service will also get assistance during the process as well as monitoring for social security numbers and a free credit report. This allows them to know if any suspicious activity is going on. This system is able to be set up completely in a period of just 48 hours, which will help to minimize the damage that may occur due to identity theft.

Trusted Id Review

Credit Sesame

This service offers a free credit report card for clients, free loan analysis and various recommendations, monitoring and alerts as well as free tools and tips for your financial situation. The cost of this product is low and it is extremely feature-rich offering everything that someone could want who is seeking identity theft protection. It is ideal for solo-business owners and small businesses to help protect themselves and their future financial situation to leave you more time to decide between Amazon Business vs Prime.

ID Watchdog

While the services offered by this identity theft service are more limited than the other businesses, they may still be the right option for a number of workplaces. They do not offer any type of data breach solutions, but it can be an employee benefit for a number of companies. For example, if one of your employees suffers from identity theft, then this service will handle the situation so they can continue to focus on their job, rather than having to miss days and lose profits. Also, the person’s basic information can be monitored so that if any suspicious activity occurs, they will be alerted and can take action. As a business owner, the service can be used as a benefit to employees.

Taking the time to find the right identity theft company can make a huge difference in the outcome of the situation. Be sure to research any company that is being considered carefully to ensure they offer the right services and features for the business or business owner themselves. Taking the time to do this will help ensure quality monitoring results. Don’t run the risk of having your business identity or financial information stolen when you can use one of these companies for a relatively minimal cost, adding solid protection day after day.


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