There’s Always A Choice: Best Data Backup Alternatives To Consider

Data backup is a fundamental aspect of ensuring the continuity of all businesses. With online attacks on the rise, you need to have a backup plan in place to ensure that you can easily access your files in case of any damage to your system. Apart from malware and virus attacks, your system may be prone to unavoidable circumstances like power outages, fire, floods, or human errors. Whatever the external threat, it is imperative to be prepared. Backing up entails storing data in a secure location for retrieval in case of any system damage due to disasters. While the traditional backup methods still exist, both large and small organizations opt to use cloud storage for efficient data security. You can try using Office 365 backup and experience the best data backup solution with easy cloud access and data retrieval.

Let us get a more in-depth insight into the numerous backup alternatives you can consider for business and personal needs.

USB Stick

Using a USB stick or a flash disk is the most common backup option, mostly for individuals. It is a small device, affordable, and convenient for anyone to use. However, you can quickly lose it when you are busy running your errands due to its size. These hardware components come in different storage sizes. With numerous business data storage solutions, so you can purchase one that fits your needs. The downside is that it is not a safe option for businesses and large organizations since it is not durable due to its read/write life cycle.

External Hard Disk

There are several powerful external hard drives you can buy. It is similar to the computer’s hard disk only that it is detachable. You can plug it into any system for file transfer or backup purposes. It is affordable but much more expensive than the USB stick with larger storage space. While it is portable, it is not the best option for long-term backup. You can use it to back up personal files such as photos, videos, and essential documents.

Cloud Storage

Today, most individuals and organizations are shifting to cloud backup services due to convenience and efficiency. Numerous business cloud computer service providers offer free or affordable plans depending on your backup needs. It entails storing your data in a remote online server that has encryption technology to enhance data security. Some of the accessible cloud backups include Google Drive Dropbox, iCloud, IDrive, Zools cloud, among others.

Time Machine

Apple devices have a wireless time capsule that has backup capabilities for users. It is similar to an external hard drive, only that it is available for Mac devices. The time machine backs up data automatically after 24 hours every day. The only downside is that it is expensive and is compatible with iOS devices only.

Network-Attached Backup

This is a type of backup that connects to a network of computer systems. You can access and store your files in several machines within the network. It is convenient since you can access your backup files via your smartphone or office work tablet. With automatic backups, you are assured of data security and easy retrievals. However, it can be quite expensive to set up and maintain, especially for home use.


While this option may sound outdated, it is an effective way of storing crucial documents in an offsite location. As much it may be bulky, you can select a few critical documents for printing. It can save you when you suffer a corrupt file due to malware attacks.

While there are numerous options for backing up data, it is vital to choose suitable options. You can opt to implement two or three methods to enhance data security. It is better to have an efficient backup plan in place since malware warnings and attacks can occur when you are least prepared. Don’t wait until it is too late to recover your data; back it up now and be safe.

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