5 Best Franchises To Open With Low Investment

Franchises can be expensive to open for the first time. However, many entrepreneurs find the best franchises to open and spend little capital during the startup process. As an entrepreneur looking to open a franchise with low overhead costs, you need to learn about these options. From travel planning to food, you can find an inexpensive franchise opportunity in any industry. Listed below are some of the industries that have the best franchises to open with low investment costs.

Cleaning Services

There are many different brands of commercial cleaning services available and looking for franchise owners. Commercial cleaning involves hiring janitors to work in offices and other places of business to keep the hygiene standards to the customer’s satisfaction. These franchises typically have a franchising fee of around $5,000 to $40,000 depending on various factors. The initial invest required for these franchises is normally around $4,000 to $30,000. These costs vary wildly depending on the brand, location, size of the business, and other circumstances as well. However, acquiring a cleaning franchise can be very profitable with such a low investment required to get started.

Travel Planning

Many travel planning companies have meager investment costs for franchise owners. A major reason for this is because these agencies are part of a network that can be based out of your very home. Selling travel packages to eager vacationers can be done without a physical location, which reduces the costs to begin your franchise greatly. Average franchise fees for these companies is around $500 to $10,000 at the high end. An initial investment would look to be $2,000 to $20,000. Consider options like TravelHost to increase your cash flow at a low cost. For a franchise you could easily start for as low as $2,500, travel planning should definitely be on your list of franchises to consider.


Moreover, consider starting a fitness franchise as well. Many entrepreneurs achieve their goals by taking advantage of Jenny Craig franchise opportunities. These are companies that typically host fitness classes, youth sports, or other athletic events. Many of these franchises do not use their own physical location, and host events in appropriate facilities. With total start up investment fees commonly seen at $20,000-$30,000, these franchises have proven to be very profitable. Thus, obtaining an exercise franchise is a great way to start your business with a low investment.


A business that provides outdoor care services to residential and commercial clients, a landscaping franchise is another option to consider investing in. Managing employees to ensure quality interactions and services with clients is key to the success of this type of franchise. Ordinarily, the total investment required for this franchise would be around $73,000 to $200,000. However, these companies should offer financing assistance to help start your franchise. With that direct help from a landscaping company, starting your own franchise can be less costly than it might appear.

Healthy Food Vending

Finally, the health food industry is booming currently. As such, there are companies looking for franchise owners for their health food vending machines. These vending machines offer natural and health-conscious alternatives to typical vending machine options. This franchising opportunity involves the operations and maintenance of the company’s vending machines, rather than servicing customers directly. These franchises will require investments of approximately $25,000 to start. The demand for this industry is rising quickly, and that makes it an attractive low cost option for franchise owners.

These industries all provide different benefits depending on the circumstances of the business, but they are all relatively low cost to begin your franchise journey. Many service industries are quality options to consider with low fees and investment requirements. However, the newest wave of health food vending companies are providing lucrative offers to franchise owners as well. Deciding the best franchise to open with low investment costs will depend on countless variables, but this industry knowledge should help advise your choice to meet your needs. Consider these franchise ideas when determining the best franchise to open for you.

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