How To Use Social Recruiting To Connect With Potential Candidates Easily



The definition of Social recruiting is highly contested today. However, in general social recruiting can be described as the process of connecting with potential employees through social media websites. As social media takes on this new role, many business owners are asking how they can utilize it. If you are looking to hire new talent and would like to try social recruiting, consider following the steps below to help optimize your success.

Step 1: Platforms

The first step to the best social recruiting practices? Choose your platforms wisely. Social recruiting has become a major trend in the past few years, which means that there are unlimited social media options available for you to choose from. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are major players for many businesses when it comes to finding new hires. Make engaging social media accounts that represent your brand. If your company already has successful social media profiles, then you are well positioned to begin reaching potential employees.

Step 2: Identify

The next step in proper social recruitment is to identify potential employees. You will find that social media can help you source better candidates than a regular job listing, which will make employee tracking much easier after you do hire someone. This is because oftentimes the best employees are not in need of a job, while less experienced workers are constantly combing through job boards. Social media may help you reach out to passive candidates as well as eager job-searchers. Be sure to optimize your search results on social media so that interested parties can find your business profiles.

Step 3: Follow

Once you have identified potential candidates on social media, the key to starting a conversation is to follow them. The mutual connection on social media will bring your business to the forefront of their minds during the social recruiting process. When you follow a potential employee, not only can you engage them, you can also get a better understanding of who they are. Taking the time to connect with the best candidates for recruitment will positively impact your search for the perfect hire.

Step 4: Share

When your social media engagement has grown, you are ready to begin sharing relevant content. Whether you just made these social media profiles or they have been active for years, now is the time to do a complete overhaul of when, what and how you post information. Have someone actively taking care of your profiles. Many potential candidates find that they are more likely to apply to jobs that have an active social media presence. Share links to job postings, but also pepper in some relevant articles and information about your industry and company culture. You may even want to consider hosting a video conference using Facebook Live. This will attract potential employees who are interested in the field as a whole, not just a job.

Step 5: Contribute

Finally, the best way to interact with potential employees while trying to recruit on social networks is to contribute to the conversation. The links and articles you share should be a springboard for more in-depth discussions with your followers. Learn about their opinions and see who seems to fit best in the company culture. Keeping the conversation flowing is a great way to keep potential employees engaged.

Additional Tips

There are also some other great social recruiting tips that can help you put your best digital foot forward and avoid accidentally engaging with cyber criminals. One of the most effective is to utilize Twitter and Periscope to  host weekly Q&A sessions for your social media followers. These video conferences will help you to connect with the best potential candidates. It will also help you to keep potential candidates engaged, so you do not lose touch. This is a useful tip that will make social recruiting practices much more effective.

Social recruitment is a special tool that is getting a lot more attention in the digital age. If you are interested in finding employees through social media, follow the steps above. As long as you focus on engaging your followers, you will surely find success in your social recruiting campaign.

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