Best Bookkeeping Certifications to Hire Better Candidates

There are many great bookkeeping certifications to look for when hiring better candidates. As businesses expand and their transactions become more complex, hiring bookkeeping professionals becomes necessary. Those recruiting bookkeepers typically ensure candidates have proper attitudes, orientations, and skills needed to make informed, financially efficient decisions. As an HR professional looking for bookkeepers, understand several bookkeeping certifications to ensure your candidates significantly improve operations and profitability. For example, you can leverage several professional project manager certification advantages for more profitability. Read on to discover the best bookkeeping certifications to hire better candidates.

Chartered Global Management Accountant

Chartered Global Management Accountant certification is a designation for CPA’s working in business and government. It’s granted by two of the leading accounting organizations, the AICPA and the Chartered Institute of Managed Accountants. All AICPA members are eligible, as long as they have at least three years of professional, work-based financial management experience. Surely, the CGMA certification demonstrates its holder’s desire to share their skills with the world.

Enrolled Agent

Enrolled Agent is a second bookkeeping certification to look out for. Certified Enrolled Agents have achieved the IRS’s most elite qualifications and have reached a privileged status within the tax industry. They have unlimited practice rights, and can handle any tax matter or represent any taxpayer. Candidates need to have passed a three-part exam and a tax compliance check. Absolutely, Enrolled Agents are elite tax and bookkeeping experts in the eyes of the IRS.

Management Accountant Certification

Next, management accountant certifications demonstrate candidates’s corporate finance and management knowledge. Holders of this certificate are verified experts in many aspects of bookkeeping such as financial planning and analysis. Additionally, they’re experts in financial control and guidance, as well. Moreover, many of the best manager certification types teach the necessary skills and are available online. Large enterprise corporations typically benefit most from hiring candidates with this certification. This way, they employ all the skills used by the candidate to receive the certification. Certainly, Management accountant certification provides assurance of various skills necessary for enterprise bookkeeping.

Certified Public Bookkeeper

Certified Public Bookkeeper certifications demonstrate candidate’s knowledge, skills, and dedication to the field.  Possession of this certification ensures the candidate won’t need to be trained very much, as they already know what they’re doing. An exam is required for this certification, and is administered online in four parts. To be eligible for the exam, candidates need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in accounting. Alternatively, they can pass four courses that correspond to the exam’s four parts. Definitely, certified public bookkeeper certifications demonstrate a candidate’s command of their financial knowledge.

Certified Information Systems Auditor

Certified Information Systems Auditor is a certification referred to as a standard for information systems professionals, specifically those in auditing, control, and security. Candidates must pass a thorough, comprehensive exam and meet several work experience requirements, such as a minimum of five years of professional auditing, control, or security experience. Additionally, certified Auditors must complete twenty hours of professional development training every year to maintain their certification. Of course, a CISA certification demonstrates a candidate’s information systems expertise, and their dedication to professional development.

There is a myriad of bookkeeping certifications that help you hire better candidates and provide the best accounting certification options. One certification is the CGMA certification that demonstrates a holder’s desire to share their bookkeeping skills. Another is the Enrolled Agent certification, which displays the IRS’s opinion of its holders and elite tax professionals. Third, Management Accountant Certifications provide assurance of several skills desirable for enterprise bookkeeping. Certified Public Bookkeeper certifications allow candidates to demonstrate their financial knowledge. Finally, CISA certifications display candidates’ information systems experience and their desire to continue developing professionally. When wondering about the best bookkeeping certifications to hire better candidates, consider the certifications described above.

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