5 Business Catering Ideas For Your Next Employee Retreat

Planning a employee retreat requires location, activities and of course, quality business catering. As a corporate manager, it is your mission to make this retreat as successful as possible. Naturally, finding the best business catering food will make you and your team happy while on the trip. While it might be easier to pick what you like, there are several options for choosing the food at your next event. To create a unique experience that goes above and beyond, here are some of the best business catering ideas for your employee retreat.

Carnival Food

To add a degree of fun and festivity to your event, cater with festival-inspired carnival food. Carnival food is a classic mix of sweet and savory tastes blending together. Support the free-range spirit of a carnival and set up numerous food carts. Carnival food includes snack food, entrees, and dessert. Each cart can provide a different festival-style dish, served in paper bags, bowls, or simply wrapped in wax paper. Not only will that add to the festival environment, but create a memorable experience for all attendees. If you want to impress your employees, consider this food option for your upcoming corporate retreat. The relaxed setup and unbeatable deliciousness of carnival-style food is one business catering idea well worth the consideration – and the calories.

Breakfast Anytime

Regardless of the time of day, you can fuel your team with breakfast catering. Breakfast is an incredibly flexible meal. It includes carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, and sweets, ensuring your team will be well-fed. Coffee naturally accompanies breakfast food, which will give your attendees the energy they need to experience everything at the retreat. With meatless options, vegetarian or vegan diners will be accommodated as well. Gluten-free or lactose-sensitive employees will have ample variety available to them as well. If you want to offer employees foods that help with managing stress, provide them with nutritious foods like fruit in your breakfast spread. Restricted dieters will appreciate the compatible options. Serving breakfast is inexpensive, fun, and sure to please at your next company retreat.

Food Trucks

Show your employees you mean business by commissioning food trucks to service your event. Food trucks can be diverse, giving your event flexibility for dining options. They also run all day, meaning your employees can eat when they feel like it rather than when they are told. Additionally, the served-on-the-go attitude of food trucks complements the grab-and-go bustle of a company retreat. To provide a catered experience like no other, surround your event with numerous food trucks and let your employees go wild.

Gourmet Custom Sandwiches

Bring the taste of home to the workplace retreat by setting up an extensive gourmet sandwich bar. This can act as a great way to incentivize employees during retreats. Nearly everyone loves a hearty version of their favorite sandwich. Give your team the option to select their own bread, cheese, meats, etc. Furthermore, sandwiches are a great option for on-the-go dining. Employees can grab one before heading to the next retreat activity. For a unique and certainly delicious choice, a gourmet sandwich bar is definitely the way to go.

Asian Fusion

To get the best of eclectic tastes and combos, the clear choice is Asian fusion. Asian fusion combines expertly prepared quality cuisine with a clash of cultures. To keep your employees and the activities moving, split up tables by dining feasibility. Grab-and-go snacks on one side, and sit-down meals on the other. You can even add a taste of wisdom and humor to the meal with a lesson. Explain to your team how different concepts can work together in the best ways, even if they appear incompatible. Use the meal in front of them to serve as evidence. Keep the retreat fresh and interesting by going above and beyond with Asian fusion catering.

When it comes to picking a business caterer for your next retreat, there is a lot to consider if you want to create a unique experience. Carnival food injects fun and relaxation to your event. Breakfast is not only inexpensive, but has numerous options with something for everyone. To create an experience like no other, pull up with a food truck convoy. To offer quick bites and variety, provide an extensive sandwich bar. And to treat your team to an eclectic mix of flavors, consider Asian fusion. With our top business catering options, we hope we have inspired you to take a step beyond what is expected at your next corporate retreat.

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