5 Careers To Explore With A Business IT Degree

You’ve no doubt heard that in today’s technology-forward society an IT degree can be extremely valuable. You may also be a recent Information Technology graduate wondering, like graduates of all stripes do, “what do I do now that I have the degree?” The good news is that you weren’t lied to – an IT degree is valuable. Whether you’re a recent graduate with an IT degree in hand or a seasoned IT veteran, finding a relevant job in the market today can be an extremely daunting task. Read on to find a list of excellent careers for a person with a Business IT degree.

IT Consultant

It will probably come as no surprise that a Business IT degree can land you the job of IT Consultant. A job as an IT consultant at any company can be an expansive and broad position. Furthermore, it entails a wide variety of work. IT consultants are tasked with making sure that a given business’s computer systems are running smoothly and at their maximum potential. Consultants boost their value by implementing machine learning applications for small businesses as well. Simply put, an IT consultant is a technology-facilitator of sorts in that they see and understand the needs of a business. They also find technological solutions to better that business. An IT Consultant position puts a business IT degree to excellent use.

Mobile Application Developer

A relatively new, on-the-rise, and high demand IT job on the market as of the last several years is the Mobile Application Developer. Now more than ever before, those who hold IT degrees prove to be extremely valuable to companies looking to develop an app to streamline their business services. While you can build a mobile app without a tech background, those with the right schooling produce higher quality work. Companies are vying to make a profitable app. The mobile application developer’s job is to use the knowledge provided to them with their IT degree to design and develop a useful app. It’s never been a better time to put your business IT degree to good use and become a mobile app developer.

Information Security Analyst

With all the benefits of a flourishing and growing technology industry comes the added threat of information theft and hacking. A business’s ability to secure their information and that of their customers is crucial in 2019. An IT degree can qualify you for a job as an Information Security Analyst whose duty it is to assess a business’s cyber security and develop measures to secure that business against any and all potential threats. The Information Security Analyst is a vital position that start-up and legacy businesses alike cannot do without.

Cloud Architect

Apart from benefiting from one of the coolest job titles of all time, the Cloud Architect is proving to be yet another extremely important IT job. Depending on a business’s needs, a Cloud Architect is tasked with building and maintaining a secure network. Cloud computing is an extremely valuable tool for a business. Hence, the ability to design an efficient, fast, and safe cloud network is in high demand. Those with a business IT degree would do well to seek employment in the cloud sector.

Web Developer

A quality website is a key part of having a successful business. There is simply no way around it. A business IT degree can qualify you for a job as Web Developer for a business. Business IT students learn about the top ad technology strategies to implement for various clients. Designing the perfect website, maximizing traffic, and optimizing the site for mobile use are but a few of the tasks presented to the Web Developer. Regardless of how they access it, people make a value judgement based on a business’s website. A business cannot afford to have a bad website. Therefore, a job as a Web Developer is yet another in demand position for those with a business IT degree.

Whether you’ve just recently graduated with an IT degree or you’ve had one for a bit longer, there are plenty of jobs available for this valuable degree in 2019. The above jobs are only but five of the many jobs for the IT professional. Since companies use information technology to stay up-to-date, those with an IT degree are in a unique position to help businesses grow. Jobs like the IT Consultant, Mobile Application Developer, Information Security Analyst, Cloud Architect, and Web Developer are all lucrative jobs in high demand for the holder of a business IT degree. It’s a new world and technology is the way forward. For these reasons, those with IT degrees hold all the cards.

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