3 Things Your Business Can Learn From Public Administration

The market is getting more and more competitive by the day due to the steady growth and an increase in the number of competitors in it. These challenges mean businesses, including yours, need to go the extra mile and find new, better ways to remain ahead of the market.

In many ways, businesses can learn from the public sector. Non-profit organizations and government institutions operate differently than commercial corporations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t use the same instruments and deal with similar challenges. Here are the top three things your business can learn from public administration.

Focus On The “Why”

There is always an important cause, the “why”, that drives the best non-profit organizations to success. For businesses, this “why” is crucially important. Take a look at successful businesses that are currently on the market and you will always find an interesting backstory that leads to their success. As a business, it is important that you have a strong “why”. Why did you get into the industry you are in? Why did you develop your current products? Why do you target your current customers as part of your business operations?

The “why” will take you to key messages; the passion behind your business. What you need to do next is deliver those key messages to the customers. Customers don’t really connect with brands or products. They connect with stories, people, and passion. This is where you will find a competitive advantage.

Develop Communities

Community building is already a big part of marketing. The things you do on social media, the way you connect with customers and audiences in general, and how you develop a strong online presence are all about building a user base; a community. According to studies complied by Norwich University and its online masters in public administration program, that strong user base is what really drives non-profit organizations to success. You can enjoy the same benefits from having a strong community supporting your business.

The same compilation of studies by the online MPA program also saw strong community building behind brands such as Apple and Xiaomi. These brands connect with their users on a more personal level. The shared love for Apple, for instance, has created communities of Apple fans around the world.

Do More with Less

One last thing you can learn from public administration and non-profit organizations is how they are able to do more with less. Not all non-profit organizations fundraising has big backers and a lot of resources to utilize. In fact, most of them operate with very limited resources. As a result, they become more creative in formulating strategies that help them achieve their objectives.

You too need to focus on doing more with the resources you have. Push for a higher set of key performance indicators and aim for bigger objectives, despite the limited resources you have at your disposal. More importantly, think creatively and find new ways to achieve great things. Understanding these three lessons will help you remain competitive, no matter how fierce the market becomes. As we enter a new year, these lessons may just be what you need to leap forward and reach a new level of business success.

Image from https://www.cpacanada.ca/en/career-and-professional-development/courses/core-areas/financial-and-non-financial-reporting/public-sector/public-sector-certificate-program

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