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United Frequent Flier Changes To MileagePlus Increase Airline Fees

As a business professional, you are likely required to take trips as a business traveller across the country. Consequently, you may been a member of a frequent flier program. United’s frequent flier program, in particular, was one of the most commonly used. This is due to their presence as a reputable domestic airliner. Their recent revamping however, has brought a ... Read More »

Business Consulting Services For More Than Just Small Business Growth

Small business owners may wish to consider hiring a business consulting firm at some point. These firms are to a business what a head hunter is to a job seeker. A consultant can identify organizational issues and financial concerns. They can then help solve internal problems with this information. These are often difficult issues for an owner to solve alone ... Read More »

Important Commercial Office Space Questions To Ask Before Leasing

Commercial office space is a worthwhile investment. It adds a sense of credibility to a small business. You may be able to run your company by working from home in the beginning. However, once you hire employees and start meeting clients you should consider a professional office. Here are the top five things to consider when looking at a commercial ... Read More »

What Is Strategic Planning? Organizational Management Practices Guide

Strategic planning is a process owners use to make their company better. It is a tool managers use to analyze their current landscape and identify future goals for potential leveraging. There are several steps involved in strategic planning. Here are five steps for success in making strategic planning work for your small business. What Is Strategic Planning? Before you learn ... Read More »

Women Business Enterprise Certification Guide For Female Entrepreneurs

If you are a woman business owner, whether the family business was passed down to you or you started a business on your own, you may be eligible for a women business enterprise certification from the WBENC, or Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. A women business enterprise certified business can reap the benefits of federal programs that require a certain ... Read More »

Hiring An Insurance Consultant For Small Business Offers Useful Expertise

An insurance consultant is not an insurance salesperson. An insurance consultant is a professional that specializes in helping businesses assess their insurance needs. There are many factors to consider in hiring insurance consultant for your small business after you have begun the job applicant tracking process. Here are the top five advantages an insurance consultant can provide you. Insurance Expertise ... Read More »

Incredible Benefits Of An LLC For Personal Asset Protection And More

You may be considering incorporating your small business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Whether you are just launching your business or have been operating as a sole proprietorship for years, there are significant advantages to switching to an LLC. Here are the top five benefits of an LLC. Personal Asset Protection This is the most appealing aspect of a ... Read More »

Best Lawn Care Companies For Affordable Quality Business Landscaping

If you operate a business that has any sort of lawn or landscaping around the property, you should be sure it looks spectacular at all times. It is one of the first things potential clients may notice when visiting your location. Most business owners have more important things to do than worry about the grass outside. Consider hiring one of ... Read More »

Top Free App Development Software For Beginners With No Experience

Customers expect modern businesses to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a website and a social media presence, consider taking your business one step further. Next on your agenda should be developing an app, as it will greatly improve business marketing and branding. You may worry about the costs associated with app development. ... Read More »

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