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5 Easy Steps To Get A Vanity Number For Your Business

A business vanity number is a great marketing tool for a local business. Potential customers are more likely to remember and respond to a phone number themed to the business. Such vanity numbers are also still toll free, meaning they do not cost the clients anything to call them. As the owner of a small local business, a vanity number ... Read More »

The 5 Best Haircuts For Businessmen To Close The Deal

Hair and haircut are important way for businessmen to display their personality. Superiors and others will judge a man by his hairstyle and how it is maintained. An up and coming businessman needs to worry about what sort of message his hair sends and how he looks after it. You might wonder if some hairstyles can help you improve your ... Read More »

How To Get The Most Out Of Business Equipment Insurance Coverage

Business equipment insurance protects one of a company’s most important assets, their equipment and technology. Without these machines in working order, a company cannot provide its products and services to customers. As a result, good business equipment insurance is a must have for almost all businesses. As an office manager, you know the need to get insurance that provides the ... Read More »

5 Requirements For Importing From Singapore To Your Country

Singapore has become a hotspot for importing and exporting goods due to speed and ease of access. Singapore is currently in the top 20 busiest countries for importing and exporting. Due to the cost of living in Singapore, the country has become a strong competitor at the global stage. As a business manager, you may be interested in importing goods ... Read More »

5 Considerations For Incorporating In Nevada For Your Business

Incorporating in Nevada may seem attractive to businesses for tax purposes. Corporations flock to Nevada due to the lack of personal income tax and corporate taxes. Since taxes are such an important factor of owning a business, it’s important to keep up to date on any good and service changes. As a business owner, there are other factors that may ... Read More »

How To Liquidate A Business To Recoup Losses Efficiently

Liquidation is a stressful time for every business owner. If your revenue cycle is failing, you can run out of cash flow and bring the business to a halt. As a business owner, perhaps you’re looking to get out while you can. Maybe you’ve been forced into bankruptcy. You have to close your business and sell your assets to recoup ... Read More »

5 High Cultural Values For Doing Business In Hong Kong

There are certain cultural expectations for doing business in Hong Kong. As foreign businessperson, your success will come from how well you can adapt to your new environment. Since there are many thriving industries in the Hong Kong business market, you must understand the cultural norms of doing business there. Many international business professionals fail due to not understanding the ... Read More »

5 Steps To Forming A Corporation To Protect Your Business

Forming a corporation is a smart way to start a company. A corporation not only lets a small company locate new investors without changing their corporate structure but also protects those investors’ personal finances if the company fails. As a would-be business owner, forming a corporation could protect and expand your business now and in the future. Forming a corporation ... Read More »

5 Lessons From The Best Business Plans Have In Common

All business owners strive to create the best business plan. They struggle to determine the most important factors and how to effectively portray them in their plans. Whether you want to open a transport business or a small t-shirt company, you will need a strong business plan to become successful. As a small business owner, you’re probably in the same ... Read More »

How To Succeed After Business Failure And Move Forward

Here’s the thing: Not every business succeeds. You can see that any holding company might have multiple business failures. Sometimes, you can do everything right, from planning to execution, but your business might still crash and burn. Indeed, almost a third of all small businesses fail within the first two years of operation, and two-thirds are gone before 10 years ... Read More »

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