How To Choose A Commercial General Contractor

With a single search engine query, you’ll feel overwhelmed with the enormous information you’ll find about commercial general contractors. But it is important that you educate yourself before hiring one. After all, the person or company you choose will be managing many aspects of your project. In this short guide, we’ll cut through the chaff and give you everything you need to know.

What Is A Commercial Contractor?

A commercial general contractor is a builder that works on projects involving commercial structures, such as corporate offices, buildings, and restaurants. Most GCs can provide your remodeling and renovation services above their ground-up construction services. They are skilled in many areas of construction in order to better manage your job.

What Does A Commercial Builder Do?

All commercial general contractors oversee the stages of construction, especially for new-build structures. They’ll oversee the construction design and securing all permits during the initial construction phase. Next, they’ll inform you about the initial inventory they need to start the project. Of course, they understand project deliverables plus the milestones they intend to accomplish. Licensed commercial general contractors always adhere to local building codes and zoning regulations. Therefore, make sure you’re working with registered and licensed commercial contractors for this guarantee.

How Do I Choose An Excellent Design-Build Contractor?

With dozens of commercial design-build contractors in a single search engine query, it can be challenging to find a commercial builder to work with. However, getting the job done right means doing some homework. This means that you will need to review your search results and start contacting design-build contractors. Fortunately, with these six steps, you can narrow down your list and find one immediately.

Get A Quote From Several Contractors

Building contractors will listen to your needs. They’ll then give you their plan to tackle your project, including the total supply inventory and estimated costs. Truthfully, finding a low-priced quote is helpful, but it’s better to choose a detail-oriented commercial contractor. This will help you achieve your objectives completely for your construction project.


You can filter out average commercial general contractors by looking at their portfolio, experience and practices. Their documented projects can give you a good idea of the type of work to expect. If your commercial general contractor does not have any qualified experience, you may want to reconsider by choosing another one. Plus, you will want to ensure they are following best practices. Commercial general contractors who are upfront about being new to the industry are considerable, but take every precaution possible.

License And Insurance

Most states and local governments require all commercial contractors to undergo regulation and licensure. Those with licenses have sufficient insurance for your projects. Make sure to compare insurance coverage among your selection aside from their detailed plans or objectives. Of course, your company is at risk when unlicensed and uninsured contractors get injured on the job.


A licensed contractor has proven their skills and capacities before a regulator. A contractor should have additional qualifications in filing all the necessary permits, legal obligations, and other tasks and legwork necessary to begin undertaking your project. Without these qualifications in place, your project can be shutdown. This causes unnecessary delays and additional costs.

Work And Labor References

With all the technical and legal details out of the way, try to correspond with previous clients available in your prospective contractor’s portfolio. Ask them about the contractor’s communication style and project’s condition. It is particularly helpful to talk with someone who used the company at least a decade ago. These structures have stood the test of time and speak volumes about the contractor’s work.

GMB Reviews

Don’t refer to Google My Business reviews alone. They’re helpful measurement tools to gauge the operational capability and general work attitude of your prospective contractor. However, don’t hire a contractor just for their social media and GMB reviews alone.

With these tips, you’ll find the perfect contractor in no time! You won’t take an entire hour to find the perfect contractor with these easy tips. Always remember to look into the proven skill of your prospective, licensed commercial general contractor.

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