How To Identify Project Deliverables To Set Realistic Management Goals


In project management, there are two types of deliverables that any manager should know the differences between. Consider this your go-to guide to understand project deliverables, process deliverables and the roles they both play in proper project management. Then we can begin to explain how to properly determine project deliverables so you are able to make use of your new knowledge of the topic.

What Are Project Deliverables?

The deliverables in a project are the end result of a project. Project deliverables are the outcome of the project. So, whatever you are creating a process to create, the end product is the project deliverable. Simple, is it not? However, when it comes to the time management required, that is when things can get a bit tricky.

What Are Process Deliverables?

Then, there are process deliverables. What is a process deliverable? Well, it is just as simple to understand as it was to understand the project variety. A deliverable process is simple the steps taken to make the project deliverable a reality. Whatever process you use to realize a project, that is the process deliverable. There can be many process deliverables in one single project, however. For example, you may use different processes to determine the project budget or to determine the amount of time the project should take to complete. Ultimately, they all help you to complete the project. Therefore, they are process deliverables.

How To Identify Project Deliverables

In order to make effective use of project management, you are going to need to accurately identify a particular project’s deliverables. Just how do you go about doing that? The process is similar to projection mapping for marketing purposes. You are going to need to ask yourself, and your team, some questions. What is the purpose of this current project? Is it to create a new process entirely or just fix an existing problem? What does the client or supervisor want from the project? Will project completion require just one process deliverable or several? Asking these questions of yourself and your team will help you to correctly identify your project deliverables and prepare you for successful project management.

Common Types of Management Deliverables

Moreover, you can use different types of project management variables. Commonly, managers refer to outcomes as a finished products. This can be a consumer goods, including chairs, shirts or widgets. However, it can also include intellectual tangibles. An example of service based deliverables might include a report, analysis or medical transcription. These written or documented deliverables can be even more important to the project completion than the end result itself. Consequently, try to use appropriate types of deliverables to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Defining Project Requirements

Once you have determined project objectives and expected results, you have to define project requirements necessary in order to reach these goals. A requirement is anything that is needed by a user to solve a problem or achieve a goal. Define project requirements for your next task. This is the only way you can guarantee your team meets expected end results.

Remember To Set Realistic Expectations

There is one more element to effectively delivering project deliverables. This is possibly the most important element to creating an effective process deliverable. What is it? Remember to set realistic expectations for delivery. In order to effectively manage a project, you do not want to stress out yourself and your team and eventually fail to deliver the end product in a timely manner to supervisors or clients. That will only make you look bad, not your team. So remember to set realistic time restraints and expected delivery dates, just as you would with retirement investing plans. That way, your team can operate to their fullest potential, free from stress and worry, and your client will be sure to have the best product deliverable possible.

If you wanted to gain a better understanding of project deliverables, their role in project management and how to properly define them, let this post serve as a guide. Remember, a project deliverable is just a project’s end result and a process deliverable is the path that is taken to reach it. Correctly identify deliverables for your next project by asking yourself, your team and your clients the questions mentioned above. And, most importantly, do not forget to set realistic expectations regarding end delivery date. That way, your team will not be stressed and your client will not be disappointed by a project that is past due. Keep all this in mind, and you will be able to successfully manage any project thrown your way.

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