How To Choose Best Newsletter Program For Internal Communications

A newsletter program is an effective means of communication for businesses large and small. For corporate managers, clear and consistent communication is a staple of smoothly functioning businesses. Newsletter programs allow managers to speak to their whole staff instantly, ensuring a mutual level of understanding and clarity, without the need for your business to switch to VoIP. When exploring which newsletter program to employ for in-house communications, consider the features below to find the newsletter software that best serves your operation’s needs.

List Size

When choosing the best newsletter program, corporate managers should consider the list size supported by each service. Service providers support different capacity levels for newsletter programs. Depending on the size of your business, you might require a list size of as much as 10,000 potential contacts. Alternatively, other services have a list size of 600 or 1,000, with a cap on how many newsletters can be sent each month. Evaluate your needs as a large or small business. Take these figures into consideration as you look for the best newsletter program available to you.

Support Features

The best newsletter programs should have ample support features. Find one that is easy to set up and has support options available in case you run into issues along the way. Your service provider should offer a vast array of customer support. Live chat, phone support lines, email and community forums are all helpful in case you run into trouble. As a corporate manager, look into which programs offer support options. The best newsletter program should make things easier with customer support services, rather than harder.


The best newsletter program is one that falls within your budget as an operations or corporate manager. Most services charge monthly, with a wide degree of variable in price. Some services charge as low as $10-20 per month. Others, such as Emma, are more costly at $89 per month. Alternatively, many newsletter programs have no-cost packages or services. To get the best newsletter program solutions available, base your decision on what you can afford to pay. Then, let the rest fall into place.


Managing day-to-day and long-term operations is hard work, but the best newsletter programs allow you to automate your releases. If your announcements and events are planned in advance, like the instructions for your year end IT tasks, many newsletter programs offer the ability to schedule an automated release of newsletters. The further ahead you can plan, the easier the process becomes. For a corporate manager, choosing the best newsletter program with automation features can drastically improve convenience, and communication.

SMS Capability

The best newsletter will have the highest level of convenience. SMS text-messages are more convenient than ever in the modern workplace. Since most employees possess a smart-phone, utilizing a service that options SMS-delivered newsletters can prove extremely effective for in-house communications. SMS capabilities also ensure that recipients will receive newsletters while away from their computer, whether they’re on-break, sick, or have stepped out of the office. Convenience is key. The best newsletter program available will offer the convenience of SMS for delivery.

The best newsletter program is the one that fits your needs as a corporate manager. These are the factors you should take into consideration to communicate business intelligence reporting findings and similar to your employees in the most efficient manner. A service’s list size offerings should match how many newsletters you want to send. Support features should be included in top newsletter program technologies. If you are limited by a budget, compare costs between paid newsletter programs, or use a free service. Automation makes your job easier, and SMS capability makes newsletters convenient for everyone to read. Take all these points into consideration, and it should be a snap decision on selecting the best newsletter program available for in-house communications.

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