Top Business Expense Tracker Tools To Better Manage Business Finances


If you are an entrepreneur plunging into the world of business as we speak, there are some vital tools you will need to give your business any shot at success. The first thing that is absolutely necessary is a business expense tracker. What is a business expense tracker, anyway? Exactly what it sounds like. It is a tool you can use to keep account of the money you, and others, spend on your business. This information will help to keep you out of debt and start your business off on a strong, solid foundation. This post will highlight the best business expense tracker apps available for download, so that you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have a financially sound business and easily keep track of payments to mobile shredding companies or outsourced workers.


It should not come as a surprise that Expensify makes our list for best business expense tracker apps. Expensify is widely-regarded as the easiest way to keep track of business finances for you and your employees. Using this app, you can track expenses with one simple motion. The app has a handy barcode scanner, so that it can easily gather all the information contained on your receipt in a manner of seconds. Another huge advantage? Even if you lose your receipt, you will still be able to track the money you spent using Expensify. The app allows you to import credit and debit card information. This way, you will not have to scour through a hotel room trash bin hoping to find your receipt from the car rental you paid for. You can also choose to categorize every purchase you track, which is invaluable for business owners. If you want a simple-to-use business expense tracker that has a lot of helpful tools, Expensify might be the solution for you.

Certify Now

Certify Now expense tracking software is another top financial management solution to consider. You can take advantage of the expenditure tracking tool’s free trial to sample features. The expense tracker software auto-categorizes expenses, which streamlines the process of expense entry. In addition, Certify Now offers flexible pricing. No matter what your budget, you can make use of the tool. The OCR recognizes image data too, so you can benefit from another efficient tool to streamline data entry. If you need a bare bones, low-cost expense tracking software that can help you remember things that easily slip by like family business tax, Certify Now may be the perfect solution for you.

BizXpense Tracker

The next on our list is not as highly touted as the first. However, it is still an incredibly useful business expense tracker that you may want to give a try. This app was developed specifically with entrepreneurs like you in mind. You can use BizXpense to not only track and categorize your expenses, but also log time spent on work-related activities. This is huge if you plan to send employees on business trips. You can use the info they take note of in the app to make sure their trip is a productive one. BizXpense is also one of the only business expense tracker apps that allows you to create expense reports right there in the app. This is especially an advantage for those of you who are always on the go. No matter where you are, you will have the ability to track your finances and create the reports you need to make sure things are done in a timely manner. If you like the sound of task timers and the ability to create expense reports on the go, BizXpense is probably the best business expense tracker for you.


ShoeBoxed is yet another highly-regarded business expense tracker app. This app can be used for personal finance as well to track payments to short term loans and other personal finance topics, if you desire. However, it really shines when being used for business purposes. This app has a website counterpart, making more features and tools available to users like you. One of which is a feature that no other business expense tracker has. What is it? ShoeBoxed allows users to set up an email account for the service. When they do, any and all expense information that is sent to that particular email will sync with ShoeBoxed and automatically be stored. Then, you can edit and customize the information easily without inputting all the figures yourself. This is a huge advantage over the competition. However, if you have an Android device, you may want to consider the other options on this list. The app is currently not running all that beautifully on the Android OS, so it may not be worth trying out. But if you are an iPhone user who values an app that simplifies and streamlines the expense tracking process better than the competition, ShoeBoxed is the solution for you.

Entrepreneurs have a lot to worry about, do not let finances be one of the causes. Download any of the business expense tracker apps listed above and you can not go wrong. Depending on your personal preferences, you may like the sound of one of these apps best. If not, why not try downloading all three? This way, you can compare their performance and be certain you are making the absolute best decision for the financial health of your business. Do you have a business expense tracker, listed above or otherwise, that you already use and love? If so, leave us a line in the comments below. We would love to hear your feedback.

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