Top Collaboration Sites To Manage Teams More Easily

Collaboration websites make it possible to get work done. That is why it is so vital for managers to learn about all the different management solutions that are available to them. By taking advantage of collaboration technology created by productivity masterminds, managers can simplify their job. Simultaneously, they will also be able to improve office communication and collaboration. If you are a manager looking to improve team collaboration for the workers you manage, find out about the top collaboration sites below. That way, you can use them to facilitate online communication during any work flow.

Video Conferencing Sites

Video conferencing websites are some of the most vital collaboration tools a manager has in their toolbox. This is particularly true for those managing a remote team. In order to facilitate communication, sometimes it is necessary to see one another face to face. Video conferencing sites allow you to create group video conferences with anywhere from 3 participants to upwards of 3,000 or more. These online meetings make it possible to gather all employees in one place to check progress, convey reminders or communicate about any number of work-related topics and ideas. That is why video conferencing solutions are one of the best collaboration sites to have in your manager’s toolbox.

Project Management Tools

Project management websites are another one of the top tools for team collaboration. Managers can take advantage of project management software to delegate tasks to workers individually or teams as a whole. In addition, project management collaboration tools allow managers to communicate with their teams and workers to communicate with one another in a multitude of channels, like chat, direct message, commenting, posting and more. PM software is one of the most comprehensive tools managers have to ensure their team works well together with or without the boss around. That is why project management websites are some of the top collaboration sites to use when managing a team.

Document Sharing Platforms

Online document collaboration tools are some of the most important to have when managing employees. The writing process can be a huge drain on efficiency and time when it comes to managing projects. When you provide online collaboration tools and document sharing software that enable team members to collaborate simultaneously on a single document, that speeds up the process. Writing, editing and revising all get done faster. Overall, this makes it easier to manage your team in a way that maximizes employee efficiency and fosters a collaborative team environment.

List Creating & Sharing Solutions

List creation apps are small but powerful collaboration tools for managers to start including in their repertoire. Collaborative list making sites allow you and your employees to create, edit and share lists of all kinds with one another – the 8th Habit of productivity and success. List apps can also be helpful management solutions to make that sure every single step and aspect of a project is being handled by the right employee at the right time. Overall, that ability afforded from list collaboration sites will make you a much better team manager for everyone involved. This is why list creating tools are some of the best collaboration websites to look into making use of on your own.

Shared Calendar Services

Shared calendar tools are a must-have collaboration solution for any manager wanted to keep his team on schedule. Collaboration software includes these types of calendar tools so that employees can work within one another’s schedules to get things done. This is also true for you as a manager. Having access to a shared calendar app for all team members means you can make sure that employees are regularly meeting to communicate project status updates to one another. Meanwhile, everyone can also cut down the meeting scheduling process without the need for a million emails back and forth saying, “Sorry, that time doesn’t work for me, how about…” If you need all the best collaboration sites and tools to work with as a manager, be sure to utilize shared calendar tools to manage your team effectively.

The best collaboration sites are the ones that help managers like you get things done efficiently and effectively, weather you work in sales pipeline management or some other field. The top collaboration websites are the ones mentioned above. Video conferencing websites, project management websites, document sharing platforms, list management apps and shared calendar tools are some of the best collaboration tools. A manager should have many of these in their management toolkit. Download one or all of these collaboration management solutions to become the best manager you can be to lead your team to success.

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