How To Conduct A Candidate Search Thoroughly

HR managers are tasked with recruiting new candidates for their company. A successful recruitment strategy begins with a thorough candidate search. Candidate searching opens up your talent pool significantly. Additionally, sourced candidates prove more efficient than those who simply apply. In today’s competitive job market, you can not rely on candidates to come to you. Research shows that only 36% of the workforce are actively looking for new opportunities. Studies also indicate that 90% of qualified professionals are willing to learn about an open position. To connect with these professionals, you must source your talent actively. For HR managers, like yourself, this means proactively finding and engaging with qualified talent to fill your company’s positions. Here are a few ways to conduct a more thorough candidate search.

Create An Employee Referral Program

Another way to widen your candidate search is to ask the current employees at your company for help. Create an employee referral program to connect with these individuals. Send a company-wide email to let everyone know that you are hiring. In this email, describe the type of candidate you are looking for. Inquire if they know anyone in their personal or professional network who fits this description. Leveraging your employees’ networks is a great way to expand your talent pool. Additionally, referrals often make the best hired. In fact, 88% of employers say that employee referrals are the top source for quality applicants. To expand the reach of your candidate search, create an employee referral program.

Diverse Online Sourcing Channels

The first step is to diversify your online sourcing channels. You can not rely on a single website to connect with potential applicants. Instead, you should post your job listing on a variety of listing sites. This will broaden your candidate pool significantly. Begin with LinkedIn and a few of the more popular online sourcing channels. Then, add some less frequently fished channels to your recruiting process. This will help your team reach more untapped talent. Additionally, a thorough understanding of your target candidates will help you to better predict where to find them online. If you need a programmer, for example, focus on scouting development channels. The more recruiting channels you use, the better your chances are of identifying good potential hires. This will enable you to build the most qualified teams. Diversify your online sourcing channels to conduct a thorough candidate search.

Establish Relationships With Universities

Another way to expand your candidate search is to establish a relationship with nearby universities. Universities often partner with businesses as a part of their career services program. A university partnership is a great way to expand your candidate pool. Contact universities in your area to set up this relationship. Colleges regularly host events where partner companies set up booths and talk about their job opportunities. Some universities even advertise job opportunities in their college newspapers or on their website. A university partnership will ensure you have access to the best prospective candidate entering the workplace. Establish a relationship with local universities to develop a more thorough candidate search.

Attend Industry-Related Events

You can also broaden your candidate pool by attending industry-related events like expos and trade shows. Although these events are not recruiting-specific, they are an excellent opportunity to meet new candidates. Attending local trade shows is a good way to connect with motivated industry professionals. These professionals are often looking to network and are eager to advance in their field. If you are looking for a software engineer, for example, attend a local hackathon. Hackathons provide an opportunity for industry professionals to show off their skills. These events are thus a great opportunity to source talented individuals for your company. For a more thorough candidate search, attend trade shows and other industry-related events.

Engage Previous Candidate From Your ATS

Lastly, you should engage previous applicants using your applicant tracking system (ATS.) ATS databases keep track of all current and former job applicants in a single unified environment. Often times, when hiring for a position, a few talented candidates do not make the cut. Your ATS ensures that these candidates are not forgotten. Use your ATS to revisit past applicants when hiring for a similar position. You have already deemed these candidates qualified to work at your company. Leverage your past sourcing efforts by continuing these relationships with your ATS. Search your database using relevant keywords to connect with relevant past applicants. These applicants are already familiar with your company and may have even developed new skills since you last spoke. To conduct the most thorough candidate search, engage with previous applicants using your ATS.

There are several ways for HR managers to conduct a thorough candidate search. A candidate search is an essential step for hiring your first employee.  First, diversify your online sourcing channels and post your job to as many forums as possible. It is also useful to develop an employee referral program to connect with candidates in your employees’ professional networks. Additionally, develop relationships with local universities to gain access to the best prospective candidates entering the workplace. Furthermore, attend industry-related events to source motivated individuals in your field. Lastly, engage with previous applicants using the data from your ATS. These are a few ways to conduct a more thorough candidate search.

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