5 Ways Conducting Webinars Can Improve Real Estate Recruitment

Real estate agent recruitment can cost your brokerage a lot of time and money, especially if you don’t have a well-defined strategy in place. To succeed in this aspect of business, you need to learn more effective ways to attract, screen, and hire the right candidates. One solution for these recruiting concerns is to use technology, such as CRM software, to help streamline processes.

Another simple yet effective technological solution for recruitment is video. In fact, since the early 2010s, the usage of this audio-visual medium has risen by almost 50% and the number only continues to rise. However, there’s one underutilized application of videos in the recruitment process that deserves more attention: the webinar.

A webinar, literally a “web seminar,” is a video workshop or lecture conducted via the internet and that can be hosted on a messaging platform or a dedicated application. It’s often used for knowledge-sharing, but a webinar can also be used to improve your real estate recruiting efforts. Here’s how:

Webinars Generate Awareness And Interest

Sometimes, your brokerage doesn’t get enough attention from talented real estate agents simply because they don’t know about you. You can fix this by conducting webinars that introduce your brand and company culture. The latter is particularly important, since a lot of candidates consider company culture to be an important factor when deciding whether or not to join an organisation.

You can also use webinars to share relevant content with your target audience. These can include negotiation tips, communications skills training, or even general career advice. Remember that the best real estate agents will always be looking for ways they can improve. Thus, providing accessible, helpful content is a good way to capture their attention and get them interested.

Webinars Capitalize On A Candidate’s Market

A candidate’s job market means there are fewer job seekers, usually due to low unemployment rates. This situation can make recruitment a doubly difficult task. To help mitigate its effects, you should adopt a proactive stance in recruiting. Seek out potential candidates even when you don’t have a position to fill so that when you do need to hire, you’re not scrambling for leads.

Webinars can help in this regard by always keeping your brokerage relevant and top of mind. What’s even better is that through these webinars, you can also engage not just job applicants but also potential business partners.

Webinars Can Help Find Your Ideal Candidates

The opposite of the above-mentioned situation is called a recruiter’s job market. When this happens, it’s highly possible to receive hundreds of applications every week (bigger brokerages might even experience this daily). Sorting through these CVs can take a lot of time, not to mention identifying those who are qualified from those who aren’t.

You can avoid this problem by using webinars to advertise your job openings. You can do this in a more organic way by folding it in with another topic, say your brokerage’s favorite tech solutions or latest milestones. Then, you can advertise the qualifications and specific skills you’re looking for in a candidate. A Q&A portion for the participants is also a good idea, so that those who are interested can know more about what you want. Certainly, webinars help you advertise career opportunities to find candidates quickly.

Webinars Can Reach Both Active And Passive Candidates

What’s great about webinars is that because they’re not inherently about recruiting, you can use them to appeal to both active and passive candidates. Therefore, this is a great way to land the perfect employee who isn’t job hunting. Obviously, you can conduct hiring-specific webinars; however, because webinars are usually geared toward knowledge-sharing, it’s easier to invite anyone and everyone.

The ultimate result is that you’ll have a healthy network of professionals, which is extremely valuable in an industry like real estate. Should you need candidates in the future, you’ll have an easier time finding those who are qualified and already have an interest in your company. You’re also likely to find higher-quality hires in this manner.

Webinars Can Set Expectations And Help Reduce Turnover Rates

Of course, webinars help you set expectations and lower business turnover rates. As previously mentioned, you can use a webinar to introduce your brokerage and its culture to real estate professionals. This can help generate interest, as well as set expectations. If the candidate feels that they aren’t a good fit for your brokerage based on your webinars, then they won’t send an application. On your end, you can save time and also ensure that you only receive CVs from truly interested parties.

In this regard, conducting webinars can help reduce turnover rates. When people know what to expect, when they know what they’re getting into, there’s less risk of disappointment. This translates to lower attrition, which ultimately saves you time and money. Smaller brokerages can benefit from this the most, especially those who don’t have a high recruitment budget in the first place.

Recruitment is something that your brokerage should be investing in more, simply because business success depends a lot on having the right people working with you. Consider incorporating webinars in your recruitment program if you aren’t using them yet and see just how much your results will improve!

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