6 Steps To Write A Consulting Proposal That Boosts Conversions

Consulting businesses can be quite lucrative if they are managed right and utilize a free webinar service as opposed to other expensive tools. Writing a strongly persuasive consulting proposal is one crucial component for owning a successful consulting firm. But, many professionals who learn how to start their own consulting business still make big time consulting proposal mistakes that could easily be avoided. Learn how to write an effective consulting proposal to steer your business toward success below.

Understand Its Purpose

Freelance consultants need to understand the purpose of consulting proposals before they ever attempt to write one. Consulting proposals should not be the first communication between you and a prospective client. You should already have established some type of relationship prior to sending a consulting proposal. A consulting proposal should not be the tool you are banking on to win you a bid. It must be your own ability to form relationships, communicate your abilities and demonstrate proven successes in order to win a consulting contract with a given company. Do not misunderstand the importance or place of consulting proposals in the bid process when you are trying to win a deal. However, using a proposal template which looks professional isn’t going to hurt.

Before Writing

Before you ever put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboards, you need to conduct thorough research on the company you are writing a proposal for. Only then can you advance as a business consultant. If possible, you want to gain more insight into the company than the basic information that can easily be found online. Try to find out what the business goals are that you would be working to help achieve. What expectations or guidelines, if any, will the company have for you to meet. This is the only way to start writing a consulting proposal. Research before you write, just as you would for a college essay.

Offer An Overview

First, you should start writing by offering potential clients a project overview. This is the first step to writing a consulting proposal as a consultant. Inform the reader of your understanding of the project and common outsourcing challenges that you can help them avoid. Include details regarding what the clients’ will be getting from you throughout the process. The project overview statement is the first part of any effective consulting proposal.

Describe Your Plans

Next, consultants will need to describe their plans for the project. What will you actually being doing should the company choose to bring you on board as a consultant? What steps will you take to help the business achieve the desire project outcome? Outline those steps within the plans sections of consultant proposals. Keep in mind that a hospitality consultant’s plans will differ from a marketing consultant’s outline. Do not copy a quality proposal that you find online. Outlining your own helps your potential client clearly visualize your contributions to their project outcomes. That is why it is a must-include feature when writing a consulting proposal.

Provide Your Credentials

Moreover, you need to supply your prospective clients with your credentials. Whether you are a small business consultant or a marketing consultant, you need to use your skills to persuade prospects. This is the section where you can convince them that you are worth their capital. Supply them with examples of the projects you have handled in the past. Include any licenses and accreditations that they might find impressive. In doing so, you will deliver a winning consulting proposal.

The Cost

Obviously, you need to include pricing in your proposals. When writing a business proposal, the cost is perhaps one of the utmost deciding factors in determining whether or not you get the job. Include your schedule and pricing in the proposal letting you write. Be sure not to low-ball the potential clients. The sticker shock they get later when they actually get billed will ensure that you will not get any referrals from them in the future. Avoid that by being up front about consulting prices for your services. This is a necessary part when you write a consulting proposal.

Those professionals looking to start your own consulting business, whether you specialize in ticketing software or some other field, need to first learn how to write a consulting proposal. Knowing how to write consulting proposals will help make it easier for you to establish a clientele. It will also make your consulting company much more likely to achieve long-term success. Follow the steps above to start writing a consulting proposal that wows potential clients. You are sure to be pleased with the results.

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