5 Roofing Software Tools To Manage Your Contracting Business

There are several sophisticated roofing software tools to manage your contracting business operations. Roofing software can help you estimate the amount of materials and work needed for your roofing repairs. In addition, it can automate various administrative tasks involved in running a roofing business. From the office or the field, you can use this software to schedule jobs, track project teams, and communicate with clients. As a roofing contractor, you will be able to optimize your work so you can focus on growing your business. Read on to discover essential roofing software tools to manage your contracting company operations.

Photo Uploading

One essential software tool that can help you optimize your business operations is photo uploading. As a roofer, you know how crucial it is to document your jobs with progress photos. With roofing software, you can take and upload photos from your phone while you’re on the job site. All you have to do is download the mobile app. Typically, roofing software is cloud-based, so you will be able to upload photos directly to the web. From there, you can share them with customers, sub-contractors, and insurance adjusters via email. This maximizes efficiency in your business by providing you with an easy organized shareable album. Photo uploading is an essential software tool that can improve your day-to-day business processes.

Document Tracking

Another roofing software tool that can benefit your production team is document tracking. In the roofing industry, it is important to keep important documents in a safe, memorable spot. Fortunately, with software, you don’t have to worry about making copies or risk document files being lost in the mail. When you submit permits or insurance claims, you can track where they are in the approval process. It also allows insurance companies to submit them directly to the CRM software. This makes it easy for project teams to reference documents. However, it is still an incredibly secure way to store them. With improved organization, document tracking can help streamline your roofing production processes.

Integrated Calendars

Moreover, integrated calendars are a crucial software tool that can help keep field employees on-task throughout the work week. With roofing CRM software, you can instantly compare schedules of your office and field staff. In addition, you can adjust or set new appointments as calls come into your office. In this way, you ensure that your team knows what jobs they are doing on any particular day. Your office staff can also keep everyone on-task and organized. Some contractors may use other calendar or scheduling methods. However, this one is the most streamlined because it will be right with any client information. Integrated calendars are a valuable tool to for task management within your roofing business.


Estimation is another advanced tool that can significantly enhance your measuring techniques. Many roofing software is fully equipped with pitch-measure tools, aerial-image tracing, and digitization. Its functions can seamlessly integrate into word and spreadsheet processors as well. With certain software, you can drop a PDF into the workspace, match the drawing dimensions, and then accurately trace the drawing in 3-D. You can apply operator-defined materials and then apply it to the model, creating an accurate material list. Software with these estimation capacities can significantly ease the measurement step of the production process.

Project Team Communication

Roofing software also offers efficient project team communication tools to streamline your business operations. For instance, site diaries allow your team to keep track of their daily progress, materials used, and time sheets all in one daily report. You can also send out site instructions through the roofing app to increase productivity and streamline communication. Furthermore, there often is the option to create a custom task if you need to create a new form or document. Project team communication is an essential component of your roofing software to help you maintain an efficient workflow.

There are several roofing software tools that can help you manage your contracting business operations. For starters, you can upload photos into the software directly from the job site. Another useful tool is document tracking where you can store client’s important insurance claims and permits. Many software also offers integrate calendars to streamline scheduling. Additionally, software estimation tools can significantly aide you in the measurement process. Roofing software also has advanced project team communication features that can help you maintain your team workflow. Consider the above software tools to manage your contracting business operations.

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