5 Dedicated Email Hosting Factors For Consideration

Professional email communication is vital for any modern business. Many small businesses lack the means to provide email services in-house though. To solve this many third-party companies offer dedicated email hosting. They provide professional email addresses, inboxes, and other email services on their own servers. As a result, a business can get professional communication and support service at a fraction of the cost. As the office manager of a small company, you might struggle to pick one of these hosting services. Below are the factors to consider as you pick a dedicated email service.


Your email hosting needs to be easy for your staff to use. Your staff are busy working for your company, and do not have time to understand a complicated email interface. Assertiveness techniques are important for managers. However, you also want to keep your staff’s best interest in mind to encourage productivity. The email service should be so easy to use that your staff do not have to think about it. Such an interface will keep efficiency up and let your concentrate on what is important. A good email service should improve efficiency. Do not pick one that leaves staff confused and frustrated.

Archiving Services

Unlike a personal email, when your staff’s inbox is full, they cannot just start deleting emails. Cluttered inboxes are inefficient, but most of the emails your staff produce must be saved for company records. A good hosting service will let you easily condense and store, or archive, these emails in a secure place. This process needs to be quick and straightforward. Your staff might have to archive several times a week so it cannot take up too much time. Strong archiving services will ensure that your company has every record it needs.


Your hosting service must provide the best security for your emails. This should include both mundane protection like spam filters, and more advanced protection like encryption. Businesses attract a wide variety of online attacks. Even a small data breach could be disastrous to your business. Customers entrust your company with private data, such as credit card numbers or personal information. This means you have a responsibility to protect this data. You should only consider hosting services that provide the highest level of security for you.

Mobile Access And Cloud Storage

Any modern hosting service needs mobile access to stay competitive in the changing market. Your staff need to be able to access their emails anywhere. Moreover, mobile access is essential to keep remote workers happy. Mobile inboxes will let them view and write emails for their phones. Additionally, cloud storage solutions will let multiple workers share emails to better help your staff. The modern business world is increasingly unplugged from a desk and traditional computers. You can keep up with these changes if your hosting company offers mobile and cloud-based solutions.

24 Hour Technical Support

Your email hosting needs to serve you 24 hours a day, so you can serve your customers 24 hours a day. In modern customer service, a delay of even an hour or two can ruin your customers trust in your company. If your email breaks down, you need it fixed almost immediately. Quick fixes create a positive customer experience. Look at reviews of the hosting company to see how other rate their service response times. If you can try to determine how long service interruptions tend to be. When you pick a hosting service, ensure that it will not interfere with your customer service.

As you choose a dedicated email hosting service, consider a few factors that will affect your business. Look for a service that is user friendly to aide in staff training. A service with good archiving will protect your email records. Your hosting service needs good security to protect you from a data breach. Mobile access and cloud storage will ensure your email service keeps up with the modern workplace. Your hosting needs 24-hour technical support to protect your company’s customer service. A hosting service with these factors can give you everything your company needs for profession email communication.

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