How To Design Your Own Logo For Art And Entertainment Businesses

There are several important steps to design your own logo for art and entertainment businesses. Competition is fierce in every facet of the art and entertainment industry. Having a memorable, eye-catching logo and strong branding helps modern companies stand out from the crowd. Businesses involved in music production, video editing, and live events management all need a branded, unforgettable corporate logo. These identifiable icons help build brand image, capture attention, foster company loyalty, and support recognition. As a design-savvy business owner yourself, you should know how to make the perfect company logo from scratch. Read on to learn how to design your own logo for art and entertainment business.

Choose Some Relevant Icons

First and foremost, choose some relevant, industry-related icons for your entertainment business logo. You can pick icons that are geometric, abstract, emblem-based, or interactive. Or, showcase your creativity and design an entirely custom icon. For your art and entertainment business logo, you can use a recognizable piece of industry equipment — such as a camera, microphone, clapperboard, or director’s chair. You can also use shining stars, spotlights, or tragedy and comedy masks. If none of these meet your needs, you don’t have to actually use an icon. Instead, you can opt for a wordmark logo — which is still fairly popular.

Think About Entertainment Logo Colors

With your icons chosen, start thinking about the colors for your entertainment and art company logo. Different colors have a serious impact on final brand perception. Colors like red, for example, convey emotions of passion, excitement, or sometimes even anger. These are best for more sophisticated, classic, and mature brands. Orange logos, on the other hand, work better for playful, fun, and invigorating companies. If you want your company to be seen as friendly, accessible, and happy, go for a yellow style instead. Definitely, think about your colors to design the perfect art and entertainment logo.

Select Your Fonts

Fonts are another crucial component of your logo for art and entertainment. Just like colors and symbols, different fonts and typography settings trigger specific emotions in viewers. Ultimately, font can seriously impact brand perception, viewer attention, as well as decision making. For entertainment companies, think of different options that are bold and easily recognizable. Simultaneously, you should choose a font that is somewhat fancy and elegant. Depending on your company model, you may even want to choose something lighter instead. Of course, this may not convey the same sense of intensity and authority. Surely, select your fonts to design the perfect logo for art and entertainment businesses.

Pick A Design Method

Now, you are ready to choose a logo design method for your art and entertainment business. One of the most popular approaches is to use a DIY brand logo maker. This option helps you get basic results quickly and affordably. If you have more financial resources and time available, you can hire a professional design agency instead. Or, recruit a freelance graphic designer to save some money in the process. There are several important items to consider when starting out with freelancer design services. If you are trying to do something more creative, you can even try commissioning a design contest. In this approach, encourage some of your loyal customers and followers to create logos for you. Then, select a winner and reward the designer.

Publish Your Logo

At this point, it is officially time to publish your entertainment and art business logo. Once your logo is approved and ready, it needs to be published across multiple platforms and channels. Start off with your business website. Here, you’ll need multiple versions to support desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive layouts. With these versions in hand, you can also upload your logo to social media. Be sure to cover all social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can also update on professional social networking sites like LinkedIn. Definitely, publishing is an important last step when designing an entertainment business logo that matches your brand identity.

Follow these steps to design a memborable logo for entertainment and arts businesses.  There are several important things to consider when designing a logo. Take inspiration from relevant logos in the industry based on icons, emblems and abstracts. Then, decide which logo colors will fit your entertainment business. Select a font or font family that reflects the overall brand personality. Then, choose a design method that works for your skill set and company. Once you have a proffessional entertainment logo, publish your logo to your website and online channels. Keep in mind, your logo design should be consistent across all platforms. Using these strategies, you can certainly design a logo for your entertainment and arts business.

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