Ensure Domain Availability With Tips For Unique, Relevant Site Names


Developing your first startup website can be a hassle when your perfect domain is taken. E-commerce websites and new businesses all struggle to find the right domain name, often to no avail. However, there are several domain availability tips that can help you craft the perfect website without having to pay for a taken domain. If you want to start your own online business, or just need to come up with a unique domain that is relevant to your existing small business, check out our domain availability tips below.

Make It Brandable

The first and most essential tip for ensuring domain availability is to make yours brandable. This means that it should be centered on your specific company, which will increase the likelihood that the domain name is not taken. Rather than trying to stuff your URL full of keywords, focus on  concise and clear name that relates to your brand. This will improve your online presence overall because you will have a unique domain for people to refer back to.

Keep It Short

Making sure that your domain is short and easy to spell is one of the best ways to help people remember who you are. Most of today’s most popular websites are six characters and under, and domain length seems to have a direct correlation to popularity. Keep your website name under fifteen characters if you can. Do not try to make a website name what to do with an accounting degree .com. This will not work. This, coupled with a branded title, will make your site stand out.

Create New Words

Another easy way around domain availability is to create new words. As a startup, you have the opportunity to change and develop your brand as you go. If possible, create a mashup of words that is relevant to your brand name. Coming up with new words that flow and do not sound like a garbled mess can be difficult. However, it will be well worth it in the end when you have your own unique URL. Consider enlisting the help of friends or employees to find something that sparks an interest in your company.

Stick To Letters

Focusing on the alphabet is one key tip for anyone hoping to create a stand-out domain. Adding numbers or dashes can be tempting to get around domain availability, but too many additions can seem unprofessional. It may even make users weary that the site is some form of cybercrime or malware. Minimize your use of hyphens and try to avoid numbers all together. The letters will not only look better, they will also be much easier to remember and type for your site visitors.

Consider Future Endeavors

Finally, another important thing to consider when seeking domain availability is to consider future endeavors. As a startup, you may have a clear idea of the direction you want your business to go in the future, and this should play a key part in your domain decision now. Limiting yourself by being too specific about your services in the URL can be a drawback. Keep the domain name general so that you have room to grow in the future.

Checking Domain Availability

The last step is going to be to check the domain availability, obviously. Just as you would not get a VoIP telephone number without checking the number availability, you need to actually check the availability of your desired domain. There are many websites to check domain availability that you can use. It is not enough to just type the URL you are hoping for. Just because a website is not in use does not mean that it is available. Be sure to check availability at one of the many websites available to do so, like Instant Domain Search. This is the only way to guarantee that your desired web domain is not taken after following the tips above.

Domain availability is a frustrating necessity for many new startup companies and those starting an internet business. Creating the perfect website domain can seem nearly impossible. However, by following these tips above to create a unique, brandable and memorable domain, you can forego the pitfalls of domain availability all together.

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