5 Creative Employee Thank You Gifts To Increase Office Productivity

There are many creative employee thank you gifts to increase office productivity. As a business owner, you may be searching for the secret to reduce employee turnover and maximize employee productivity. According to studies, 50% of employees would stay at their job if they were tangibly recognized for their efforts. Another study found that 40% of employees who do not feel meaningfully recognized will not go above their formal responsibilities to do their job. By recognizing your staff with unique sincere gifts, you can reward them for their successes. This gives them an incentive to work harder and helps improve job satisfaction rates. In this post, you’ll learn about five creative employee thank you gifts to increase office productivity.

Off-Site Reward Day

An off-site reward day is one creative thank you gift idea to increase your employees’ productivity. Sometimes a little change of scenery can go a long way towards boosting employee engagement. You can plan an off-site day at a café, library, or any other safe location that meets your employees’ needs. Remind your employees why they are being appreciated when implementing this thank you gift. Be sure to be clear about the focus as well. For instance, are you rewarding them for success on a major project? Are you trying to boost collaboration? An off-site day is a creative solution to thank employees for their efforts while still encouraging productivity.

Lifestyle Gifts

If you want to increase productivity in your office, you should consider giving your employees lifestyle gifts. They do not have to be expensive for your employees to appreciate them. On the other hand, it is more important that they align with your company values. For example, if your office values wellness, the outdoors, or physical activity, consider getting your employees a gift that supports that lifestyle. Succulents are one bestseller because they are sustainable and easy to maintain. When your gift aligns with company culture, it strengthens your employees’ connection with your organization. This gives them a corporate incentive to value their work more. A lifestyle gift creative, inexpensive strategy to appreciate your employees while increasing their productivity.

Employee Appreciation Day Event

An Employee Appreciation Day event can go a long way towards improving employee productivity in your office. In the United States, Employee Appreciation Day is a semi-formal holiday celebrated on the first Friday in March. It is supposed to pay homage to employee contributions. Nevertheless, many office managers often let it slip by the wayside. You can let your employees know how much you appreciate them by planning a small office party after work on Employee Appreciation Day. Whether this means fun team games, food, or office happy hour, this reward can go a long way towards reminding your workers how much you care about them. An Employee Appreciation Day event is a creative solution to bring employees closer together in the company and encourage them to work hard with one another.

One-Of-A-Kind Gestures

One-of-a-kind gestures are another meaningful gift idea to boost employee effort. For an employee gift that is truly special, you can create a personalized reward your office workers will truly cherish. For example, a custom photograph or plaque can highlight a moment in an employee’s career and remind them of their successes. There are other options, such as clocks, tote bags, and mugs that can emphasize positive company memories and experiences. Seeing their name on a gift has been shown to make employees more likely to hold on to it in the years to come. It has also been shown to increase employee pride. One-of-a-kind gestures are powerful ways to solidify employees’ company connections and therefore boost their efforts.

Individual Hand-Written Notes

Individual hand-written notes are another powerful way to increase office productivity. You can hand-write notes to your employees to let them know how their unique qualities positively impact the office space. In this way, you can show them what they mean to you and your company. Often times, there is no better gift than one of simple acknowledgement and employee recognition. Employees are more likely to put value back into your company when they feel valued in return. One study found that 81% of surveyed employees felt motivated to work harder when their manager showed them appreciation. Individual hand-written thank you notes can be a powerful gift to increase employees’ office productivity.

There are many creative employee thank you gift ideas to increase office productivity. For example, an off-site reward day can give your team a change of scenery to continue working hard while showing your gratitude for their efforts. Another way to improve employee connection to company culture is with lifestyle gifts that reflect business values. You can also plan an Employee Appreciation Day event to let your employees know what their work means to you. Through one-of-a-kind gestures you can remind workers of their positive office experiences to encourage consistent hard work. Furthermore, individual hand-written thank you notes can be a powerful tool to show genuine gratitude for your workers. Consider these creative employee thank you gifts to increase office productivity.

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