5 Best Employment Screening Background Checks For Small Business

Employment screening background checks are an integral part of the hiring process for many small businesses. In fact, 85% of employers find misrepresentations on resumes and applications via background checks. Another 77% of employers claim that background checks caught issues that otherwise would have stayed hidden. As an HR professional, you should be considering the pros and cons of hiring every candidate you encounter. Read on to learn about the best employment screening background checks to consider for your small business.

Customized Search Options

The first employment screening background check to consider is how you can tailor your searches. More advanced check options offered can be incredibly thorough, allowing you to catch potential issues much quicker and easier. These options can include a social security number trace, searching national criminal databases, sex offender registries, domestic watch lists, and more. In addition, you can add extra searches, such as motor vehicle records and workplace drug screenings. This allows you to customize the background checks to best fit your business. Customizing the areas to be checked is a great tool for small businesses with specific employment needs.

Low-Cost Providers

Another aspect of an employment screening background check provider to consider is cost. There are many background check companies out there. Therefore, the prices can vary greatly depending on the types of checks provided. Take any services that a provider may be lacking into account. For example, some do not do drug or healthcare related screenings. Many providers also offer add-on services not included in their basic plans for an extra cost. These factors infleunce the background check cost for small businesses. Try to work with a provider that fits your current budget and allows you to scale as your business grows. Of course, cost is the best aspect to consider for small businesses on a tight budget.

Quick-Turnaround Providers

Speed is a third important factor in choosing an employment screening background check provider. A fast-turnaround provider is is essential when you are looking for employees. There are several providers that pride themselves on the speed at which they provide results. Many advertise that they can provide turnaround in a matter of minutes, which is nearly instant. Also worth noting, several provides offer their clients an account management team that specializes in background checks for small businesses. This results in the quick resolution of any issues or questions you may have. Small businesses with an immediate need for new talent would benefit most from considering quicker turnarounds on checks and support.

Simplest Providers

When shopping for an employment screening background check provider, simplicity is another aspect that should be considered. Providers can dive deeper into your business’s needs by recommending specific screenings based on your industry as well as the type of employee being screened. In addition, several have incredibly simple processes. All you need to do is fill in a candidate’s name, email, and employment location. These providers will then ask them to provide their own personal identifying information, mitigating the risk of errors. Focusing on simplicity will allow you to focus more on the other HR needs of your small business.

Well Balanced Providers

The last employment screening background check aspect to consider is the balance of the aspects described above. Many providers that are low-cost may be lacking in other areas, and vice-versa. For example, you may be paying a great price for your provider, but they may not have access to a critical database. Alternatively, you may have the most intuitive provider there is, but the cost may be too much for your small business to handle. Finding a background check company that balances many of these aspects will allow you to find new talent at a low cost quickly and at a low time commitment. Therefore, you have just elevated your small business to a new level of efficiency.

There are many employment screening background check providers out there, therefore choosing one for your small business can be daunting. One aspect that is great for small businesses is flexibility in search options, allowing you to hone in on specific employment needs. This way, you can ensure you do not hire someone with a DUI criminal record if you are uncomfortable with it. Another is simple affordability. A third great aspect is turnaround speed, allowing you to find new talent in the blink of an eye. Fourth, recommendations and simple screening processes can do most of the work for you. Finally, consider the balance between the aspects mentioned above to maximize hiring efficiency. When searching for an employment screening background check provider, consider the aspects described above.

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