How To Engage Customers With Text Messaging

The growth of your business is directly related to the loyalty and continued patronage of your customers. One way to secure consistent customers’ patronage is by providing excellent and effective customer service. Every customer wants to feel important and will stay in a place where they feel respected and important. This is why you need to start using text messages to better engage with your customers.

Text messaging allows you to involve your customers in your business. By actively engaging your customers, they know their opinions matter. You create a system that allows for creativity and growth. Here is how you can actively engage your customers with text messaging and the benefits of engaging your customers.

Encourage Your Customers To Drop Their Mobile Number

To build an effective text messaging system to engage your customers, you’ll need to collate their mobile numbers first. To encourage customers to drop their mobile numbers, create a list they have to subscribe to with their phone number. Then attach a bonus or gift to the list. For example, there are plenty of professional thank you gifts to show your appreciation to your valuable customers.

You can easily create a list if you visit the drop cowboy website. The thought of winning the gift will encourage your customers to release their mobile number willingly.

Alternatively, you can communicate with them, enlightening them on the purpose of collecting their number and the numerous benefits they stand to gain from the exercise. Some of the benefits could be getting congratulatory messages on their birthdays and anniversary, receiving information about discounts and loyalty packs, getting first-hand knowledge of every new stock, etc.

Personalize The Text Messages

Every customer is unique with their own particular needs and preferences. While a generalized message could be good, a personalized message would be better. To create a personalized message, you have to do the extra work of getting to know your customers and collect little details about them. Some of the details you may want to collect to help your text messaging include:

  • The full name,
  • Gender,
  • Sex and address,
  • Age, date of birth, anniversaries,
  • Number of Children,
  • Shopping needs and preferences.

You should know that the personal information you collected will be used to compose messages that will suit your customers’ needs. Of course, you can always follow the top digital marketing personalization strategies to boost your conversion rates.

Increase Their Curiosity

Help your customers stay glued to your brand by continuously raising their curiosity. You can do this via text message by involving them in your business activities enough to create interest while guarding some information that will leave them guessing and eager to engage the business. This here is what is referred to as information control.

Information control will get them close enough to know while encouraging them to interact more with the business to be fully aware of the products and services you have to offer. Interacting more with the brand means more engagement, and more engagement boosts sales.

Do Giveaways

Most people love gifts and will go the extra mile to win them. You can increase customers’ engagement with text messaging by doing several giveaways. If your customers know the message they receive from you could be a call to win a gift, they would be eager to read your message.

You can seize the opportunity to ask them to do a task together with the mission of actively engaging them. They would be eager to do that task that would win them a giveaway. By doing this, you would have created a community among your customers and increase their loyalty to you.

Correctly Give Professional Advice

You can use text messages to give professional advice to your customers. This would be more effective if the advice is customer-based. Each customer would need advice based on their specific needs. The personal information you collated would help you to give the right professional recommendation to your customers.

For instance, you can send your nursing mother customers pictures and sizes of nursing bags you just restocked while you send your high profile businessman tips on how to properly polish the Italian shoes they got from your store for a longer-lasting effect.

Use Text Messages To Create Reminders

These days most people are usually on the go, so it is absolutely normal and human to forget appointments. Your customers would be very grateful if they receive an appointment reminder from you. With the help of a preview dialer, you can save the day and place a call to remind them. Then back the call up with a reminder message. The reminder could be a day to the appointment, two hours or even an hour before the appointment.

The reminder should remind them of the appointment and advise them to set the alarm as a personal reminder in their calendar. By doing this, your customer would feel grateful. You would also save your business valuable time and money.

Feedback Won’t Harm

You can get to know what your customer thinks about your brand image by utilizing the text messaging system. Don’t be too shy or proud to ask for opinions from your customers. Doing this will actively involve them, carry them along and make them feel important. You also get to see your business from your customer’s eyes and improve areas that will convert to better sales for your company. Moreover, asking for feedback helps you win back upset and runaway customers.

It is crucial that you send the result of the feedback to them and how you will utilize their opinions. Everybody loves the VIP feeling; let them enjoy it.

Be Text-Friendly

When sending the text, ensure your tone is friendly even though it’s formal. If your text message is too formal and brute, you can expect a poor response and customer engagement. However, a friendly text message that shows concern and empathy would generate a better result and engagement from your customer.

You can create a friendly tone by addressing them with their first name, asking about how they are enjoying the weather, and then introducing the primary purpose of the text.

Adopt A Question And Answer Approach

One sure way to ensure customers’ engagement with text messaging is to adopt a question and answer text messaging approach. By asking your customers questions, you force them to give you a reply. While you may not get a 100% response to your questions, you can be sure of at least a 70% response.

The question and answer approach is a proven way to engage your customer. This type of question doesn’t have to be serious; it could just be a means of getting to know your customers better. You can ask about their favorite music genre, vacation spots, etc. Don’t forget, the aim is to engage your customers and keep your brand as the number 1 in their minds.

Benefits Of Engaging Your Customers

Engaging your customers is hard work, but it’s not just hard work; it’s smart work too. This is because you get to reap the dividends of your efforts for a long time. The time and efforts you put into the little details that make engaging with your customers via text message possible will generate abundant rewards for you. Some of the benefits of customer engagement include:

Improve Customer Loyalty. Your customers enjoy the attention they receive from your business, even if they don’t admit it. Constantly checking on them, alerting them of new stocks, and remembering their birthdays and anniversaries show them you care about them.

This will keep them glued to your brand and might even make them refer your business to other people. It is public knowledge that businesses grow on referrals. The outcome is that you would successfully retain your old customers and even raise a new list of referred customers. In other words, your business will boom!

Better Customer Service. Of course, these strategies help you improve customer service for your company. Actively engaging your customers will help you create a system that aids your customer services. With top-notch customer services like customer awareness, effective customer response service, remembering customers’ first names will significantly improve customer loyalty and boost sales. It will also increase the integrity and representation of your business.

Help You Identify Your Customers Needs. Active engagement with customers will help you to know what are their priorities, needs, and preferences. This will help you to also focus on the needs of your customers. By doing this, you can boost business growth by directing resources to appropriate channels. It also helps you maximize your resources, increase customers’ satisfaction and increase your profits too.

Improve your Brand. As a business, one thing you need to improve on continually is your brand. Actively engaging your customers will help you improve your brand to stand out among competitors. With your customers’ feedback, you can build a brand that puts customers first and adapts to ever-changing trends. This ensures that your business stays at the forefront of the competition.

Every business needs its customers to grow. In a world where everyone has a mobile device, text messaging is a faster way of reaching out and connecting with your customers than e-mail and voicemail. With a pop on their phone, they can receive and respond on the go. This is why every business that must grow has to engage its customers actively via text messaging.

From the aforementioned, you can easily do this by encouraging your customers to drop their mobile numbers, using text messages to increase their curiosity about your brand, do giveaways, give relevant professional advice, send reminders, and ask for feedback.

The benefits of engaging your customers include increased customer loyalty, brand improvement, better customer service, and satisfaction. If your business is yet to adopt text messaging for customer engagement, then it’s time to, so you can start enjoying all these benefits.

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