6 Professional Thank You Gifts Your Employees Will Appreciate Most


Finding the perfect professional thank you gifts for employees is essential in showing them how much their work is appreciated. As a manager overseeing a team, you need to demonstrate to your employees that you take notice in the effort they are putting in. Professional thank you gifts show your employees that you care about them and value their input. You want to do more than just give them a $15 gift card to some coffee place. However, you are not sure what gifts properly show your admiration. Follow this guide to get great ideas for professional thank you gifts for your employees, and be sure to stay stocked up on gift wrap so you’re prepared when you find that perfect gift.

Office Plants

A bit of green in the office brightens everyone’s mood, so consider plants for a professional thank you gift for your employees. It has been proven that having a plant on their desk is likely to make anyone happier. Happy employees are productive employees. With this being said, office plants are great motivation factors. To show your employees how much you appreciate them, find plants that are low maintenance but still aesthetically pleasing. When selecting a plant for a thank you gift, consider cacti, peace lilies, or succulents. As you begin shopping around for professional thank you gifts for your employees, consider buying them plants to show how grateful you are.

Custom Mugs

Another direction to go is to help your employees get their caffeine-fix by gifting customized mugs as a professional thank you. A customized mug shows your employees that you not only care about them, but you also know something about them. There are numerous companies out there that print pictures and messages on mugs for you. If you are not looking to spend a ton of money, buy a DIY kit to decorate a mug for your employee. Then, you can create personalized gifts for employees. Whether you decide to pay a company to customize mugs for you or you elect to do it yourself, custom mugs are great professional thank you gifts for your employees.

Event Tickets

A nice way to show your employees that you are thankful is to gift them tickets to events you know they are interested in. These tickets do not have to be for a popular sporting event or a huge concert. To show your employees that you appreciate their work, get them tickets to a movie or a show at the local theater. The real gift here is a night out for your employees. Buying them tickets to an event you believe they would like shows your employees that you genuinely know and care for them. Event tickets are excellent for professional thank you gifts for your employees.

Extra Paid Time Off

If you are truly lost on selecting a gift for an employee, consider giving them an extra day or two of paid time off. Some employees appreciate this gift almost as much as new career opportunities. Who would say no to a few additional paid vacation days? Extra paid time off is an excellent thank you gift to reward your employees. Add these days on to their existing accrued vacation days or offer long weekends once a month. Give your employees a few extra days of paid time off as a professional thank you gift. In doing so, you acknowledge their hard work without having to worry about finding a great gift.

Personalized Thank You Notes

If funds are tight and you cannot afford a thank you gift for your employees, a personalized thank you note certainly goes a long way. As mentioned earlier, your employees do not want a gift card to get coffee or music on their phone. Sometimes a simple, personalized thank you card can show your acknowledgment better than an expensive gift. A handwritten note shows your employees more than just how much you appreciate them. It shows them that you have taken the time out of your day to write something from the heart. Use the best thank you sayings to show gratitude. If you cannot swing buying thank you gifts for the entire office, consider personalized thank you notes to show your recognition.

Healthy Snacks

Finally, employees appreciate healthy office snacks. You can personalize this simple gift by asking your team about their favorite snacks. When you want to show one of your employees gratitude, bring in their favorite healthy foods. Stock your office fridge with preferred fruits. Pick up your employee’s favorite nutritional bars or trail mix as well. Your workers will love to see that you paid attention to their preferences. Keep this personalized employee gift idea in mind to boost office morale.

It is important to show your employees how much you appreciate them through professional thank you gifts. Plants are great for showing your respect while also fostering a healthy working environment. Plus, they are great for decorating office spaces. Customized mugs and event tickets offer an excellent personal touch in addition to the gift. If you cannot think of a gift your employees will love, offer them a few extra paid days off to show your thanks. Finally, if your budget does not allow for you to get everyone a gift, write your employees personalized thank you notes as a sign of appreciation. Follow this advice to select great professional thank you gifts for your employees.

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